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LinkedIn Marketing: The 10 mistakes that destroy your business!

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You have decided to launch your marketing on LinkedIn and are looking for valuable advice on how to set up your new LinkedIn profile. You’ve heard that it is always better to consider LinkedIn in a digital marketing strategy, so you can’t wait to open your page. Very well! In this article I will tell you about the 10 mistakes to avoid in order to not bury your business with LinkedIn marketing.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the social network created to create your professional B2B network, launch fundraising campaigns or search for your next job. True, learning to use LinkedIn and mastering its tools can take a while, but setting a private profile or company page correctly to develop your LinkedIn marketing is a must. Especially to enhance the brand awareness of your brand.

As in all social media websites, also on LinkedIn there are some “labels” of which you should be aware in order to avoid making a bad impression and mistakenly using your LinkedIn account.

There are countless ways to make a LinkedIn profile appealing. You can find yourself many ideas by browsing LinkedIn Groups or by simply widening your network of knowledge. I can certainly tell you which are the 10 most trivial mistakes on LinkedIn and those where you fall more easily. Let’s start …

1. Use LinkedIn as if it were Facebook

Generally there is a very thin line that differentiates a social network like Facebook from others. Here, in this case, the difference between LinkedIn and Facebook is more like a load-bearing wall. The two social networks are born with decidedly different goals and ambitions. Replicating your Facebook activity on LinkedIn is absolutely not good for your business and will not help you develop a winning marketing strategy.

Let’s assume that a recruiter or an employer or potential customers merely observe your LinkedIn profile and forget about Facebook. Unless your profile is strictly controlled by the censorship committee, your personal branding and web reputation would be a disaster!

What is the added value that a new post of kittens brings to LinkedIn (in fact it is decidedly high if you are sharing your latest scientific research on the rate of empathy that the kittens posts on social networks create in relation to the degree of conversion to the purchase)?

2. Insert a non-professional profile picture

Very well, you have uploaded your LinkedIn profile picture. But (here we go again) it looks just like the one you used for your Facebook profile. Are you really sure you can present yourself to a possible job interview? You have to start thinking about LinkedIn as your professional showcase and it is likely that the eyes of an HR fall right on your profile.

I am sure that in your archive you have a photograph where you present yourself with a professional air. Nothing excessive, mind you, there is no need to retrieve your nephew’s baptism photos. A nice informal photo, maybe taken during a meeting or a meeting with your smile on display.

3. Conveying negativity

This error is committed above all by those who use LinkedIn to download personal work frustrations (for that, if you want, there’s Facebook) and would rather find a job. You’re doing it the wrong way.

Imagine if, during a job interview or an important appointment, you did nothing but cry on yourself, respond nervously, take a snooty attitude. How do you think your selectors would react? Could you ever make new professional contacts without having difficulty?

LinkedIn Marketing

4. Work in B2B without having a business page

LinkedIn business pages allow other members to learn more about your company, brand, products and services, as well as job opportunities. This is what the LinkedIn guide says to create a new business page. Nothing complicated or insurmountable. All earned for your brand awareness and your LinkedIn marketing.

5. Don’t have the link to your website

Not inserting the link to your website is a decidedly unforgivable technical error. Especially if you work in ICT or you want to do digital marketing. When a contact is interested in what you do, you have to catch the ball and give him the opportunity to deepen your knowledge allowing him to connect to your website.

Think, this could even bring new business opportunities. So why deny yourself a potential advantage? In general this error is caused by little attention and care in the management of the profile, and it also applies to companies, not only for private individuals!

6. Leave the courtyard quarrels out of LinkedIn

Another attitude typical of the most popular social networks. You got up with the wrong moon and early in the morning go to comment on a LinkedIn Group you are subscribed to (I don’t know if this is your case, but it happens!). Very dangerous for your brand. Especially because some errors on social media are very expensive.

Rather, it uses LinkedIn Groups to take on more concepts, information and possible advice, releasing the right amount of personal considerations in the comments and always using a professional tone of voice.

Another unpleasant attitude that I would avoid doing is to use a scurrilous and excessively rude language to underline your skill and your experience in the field (yes, even these ultra-narcissistic specimens populate LinkedIn). I wonder if there really is someone willing to give birth to a relationship of collaboration or work with these characters, they can be as good and capable as Mark Zuckerberg.

7. Abuse the headline or other text fields

The Headline is that line of text that is exactly under your name on LinkedIn. I still don’t understand the reason, but it is fashionable to use this text field (but also many other fillable spaces) to insert phone numbers or direct contacts without criteria.

These behaviors are decidedly unprofessional and, moreover, violate the contractual conditions of LinkedIn. If you need to expose your contacts as much as possible, maybe it’s time to try the free LinkedIn Premium trial or invest in a professional website!

8. Do not use excessive text

Detailed and long paragraphs are not made for LinkedIn profiles. It means that if your resume is more than four or five sentences long, it’s no longer a resume! It is therefore necessary to simplify the text and focus on the keywords that are right for you.

A too verbose description dilutes the density of your keywords. Furthermore, recruiters are used to giving a fairly quick look at profiles, and they justify themselves by saying that they don’t have time to read your epic novel about yourself.

Most people don’t think of LinkedIn as a search engine. They simply copy and paste their resume, rather than identifying the keywords and skills that recruiters and managers use to find candidates on LinkedIn. Remember, your keywords allow you to find your profile more easily and can attract new opportunities.

9. Send connection requests to anyone

Trying to expand your LinkedIn network comfortably from your keyboard, but blindly sending any kind of connection request to anyone with an interesting title is the most direct way to receive a (negative) or even get blocked report.

That being said, you should not limit your search for new contacts to your inner circle of friends. If you want to send a connection request to a LinkedIn profile, consider first using an appropriate introduction that includes a personalized message and explaining why you want to link to this profile.

If too many people click on “I don’t know this person” or “This is spam” when you send a connection request, the LinkedIn admins will go into action.

10. Spamming on LinkedIn groups

Ahh, the dear old habits that we carry with us from Facebook! If you are part of any LinkedIn group, you know this error well. LinkedIn groups should be virtual places where people with the same interests come together to exchange ideas and information.

Some people use them to repeatedly send spam-links to their website. These profiles are not taken seriously and will rarely find significant links. Don’t do like them

To conclude

If you are making one of these errors, I suggest you take some time and start correcting your LinkedIn profile. Above all, if you want to be contacted for a new career opportunity or want to give more consideration to your LinkedIn marketing. Your personal branding on LinkedIn is very important. The sooner you learn how to make a good impression, the more likely you are to be noticed.

How did you decide to set up your LinkedIn profile? Have you encountered one of these errors on your LinkedIn marketing? Write me your opinion in the comments!

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