QR codes Uses and advantages in the business environment

QR codes: Uses and advantages in the business environment

QR code, a growing trend: How QR codes are used in the corporate business?

The business generated by the QR code is constantly growing: By 2022 about 5.3 billion coupons can be redeemed by smartphones via QR codes and as many as 1 billion mobile devices will support functions for reading QR codes.

The surveys conducted by Juniper Research, a leading company in the marketing insights sector, highlight the growing positive trend regarding the use of the QR code: two-dimensional codes are registering a particularly positive diffusion thanks to the continuous development of the Internet and the technological potential of mobile devices. The QR codes are now an integral part of everyday life: just think of Apple’s iOS 11 update which has made it possible to abandon specific applications by scanning 2D codes exclusively through the smartphone’s camera.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing: The 10 mistakes that destroy your business!

You have decided to launch your marketing on LinkedIn and are looking for valuable advice on how to set up your new LinkedIn profile. You’ve heard that it is always better to consider LinkedIn in a digital marketing strategy, so you can’t wait to open your page. Very well! In this article I will tell you about the 10 mistakes to avoid in order to not bury your business with LinkedIn marketing.