QR codes: Uses and advantages in the business environment

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QR code, a growing trend: How QR codes are used in the corporate business?

The business generated by the QR code is constantly growing: By 2022 about 5.3 billion coupons can be redeemed by smartphones via QR codes and as many as 1 billion mobile devices will support functions for reading QR codes.

The surveys conducted by Juniper Research, a leading company in the marketing insights sector, highlight the growing positive trend regarding the use of the QR code: two-dimensional codes are registering a particularly positive diffusion thanks to the continuous development of the Internet and the technological potential of mobile devices. The QR codes are now an integral part of everyday life: just think of Apple’s iOS 11 update which has made it possible to abandon specific applications by scanning 2D codes exclusively through the smartphone’s camera.

The QR code is a real two-way communication tool: if on one hand it is one of the fundamental tools available to marketers and companies to implement communication and promotion strategies, on the other it is a valid channel for users to quickly find information additional information regarding services and products.

QR codes can take on multiple functions within the business-corporate dimension: they can be used to convince users to download applications, to access WiFi networks without a password, to make digital payments or even to optimize post-purchase services. Referring to specific tutorials. The QR code undoubtedly constitutes a fundamental point of interaction between the real / offline world and the virtual / online world, revealing itself to all effects one of the most innovative modern communication channels.

QR code: What it is, how it is created and how it works?

The Quick Response Code, more commonly known as QR code, is a two-dimensional bar code composed of multiple modules arranged in square shapes. The QR code is used to connect a real message with the online virtual world with a simple click: in other words, by scanning through the smartphone or tablet camera, this code is able to provide the user with content and information quickly and interactively.

How do you create a QR code? Simple. There are many online tools that can create QR codes within a few seconds and completely free. A particularly well-known and easy to use platform is QR Stuff: this online service allows you to create QR codes simply by entering the type of destination file (image, link, web page, document, etc.) and downloading the QR code with a simple download generated.

The QR code is an innovative tool that allows a simple and immediate communication: for this reason the QR codes are the most used tools within corporate marketing and advertising strategies in order to optimize traditional communication between brand and consumer.

QR codes

QR code: 7 ways to use QR codes in your business

Let’s find out what the practical uses of a QR code could be within a business context …

1) Coupons and special offers

A QR code can be an essential tool for advertising and marketing: one of the most common fields of application for QR codes in the business sector is undoubtedly offers and promotions. The QR code can be used to optimize the customer experience with coupons and promotional offers dedicated exclusively to buyers willing to scan the two-dimensional code.

2) Business cards

Creating a QR code for your business card could prove to be an indispensable activity for any business: the QR code can quickly redirect anyone who sees the business card to the company website or personal blog.

3) Link between in-store experience and web page

The retail experience can be optimized simply and quickly thanks to the use of QR codes: by means of a code placed close to the products inside the store, it will be easy to provide additional information relating to one’s own offers. The shop window is undoubtedly a place where QR codes should not be missing: the showcase is an indispensable tool to attract the attention of potential customers and a QR code with additional information and promotions could prove to be the ideal tool to create curiosity.

4) Post sales: How To guides and tutorials

QR codes are the ideal solution to provide the buyer with advice and post-sales instructions: by using QR codes it will be easy to share tutorials, guides and audio with the consumer to optimize the customer experience even after the purchase.

5) Quick Reviews

A recent Invesp survey states that 90% of shoppers consult online reviews before concluding a buying process: referring customers through a QR code to an online review platform will not only allow the company to monitor their own buyers, but will allow users to share their thoughts in a simple and intuitive way.

6) Entertainment and sweepstakes

Creating sweepstakes, special offers and exclusive promotions through the use of QR codes could prove to be a particularly profitable business activity: games and contests are marketing tools able to involve the potential customer and make the corporate image modern and fun.

7) Integration of direct mail and web marketing

Inserting a QR code into e-mails shared with your customers is undoubtedly an indispensable activity: a QR code is the ideal tool to integrate your email marketing strategy and your online presence advantageously by directing the user towards specific company landing pages.

QR code: 5 reasons to use it in your business strategy

Let’s find out what are the features that make the QR code a simple, intuitive and winning tool in business …

1) It is easy to create and integrate

Creating a QR code takes a few seconds and is a completely free online service: once generated, a QR code can be easily integrated into posters, flyers, shop windows, online pages or Social channels revealing the ideal marketing and communication tool for any activities.

2) Create curiosity

A QR code is a tool able to intrigue the user: the code is an enigma that the consumer wants to solve, a real immediate puzzle concerning information and promotional content that needs an active action to be solved.

3) It can contain multiple data

The QR code is a convenient and practical tool since, despite its small size, it can contain a considerable amount of data such as descriptions, information or hypertext links: an activity with the purpose of communicating detailed information to its customers cannot give up the use of QR codes.

4) It is easy to access

Until recently, specific applications were needed to scan a QR code: today, thanks to the incessant technological development, it is possible to decipher the QR codes using only the tablet or smartphone camera.

5) Optimize the company-customer relationship

QR codes allow the company to provide customers with detailed and additional information about their products or services: using QR code does not only allow consumers to receive an adequate assistance service, but also guarantees interactive and in-depth communication that can intrigue satisfy the customer.

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