10 tips on how to use information and communication technologies (ICT)

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The information and communications technology (ICT) contribute in school education offering new lines of work. As teachers, we must use them to develop digital skills in children and young people. Part of our work in this regard is to explore the current proposals in terms of technology that will serve to enrich the learning environments in the classroom. When we apply ICT with our students we are teaching, but at the same time we are also learning.


Here are 10 tips on how to use them …

1) Persevere

In many cases, students manage some technological tools better than we do. Do not be discouraged if the first experiences with ICT do not turn out as you planned, as the philosopher Lucio Anneo Séneca said: “Persevere and you will triumph”.

2) Apply the trial-error

If you always do the same things, do not expect to have different results. Each group is different course and therefore there is no absolute truth, however, over time you will see that there are strategies that will be more optimal than others. Do not be afraid to try.

3) You are not alone

There are several web platforms such as blogs, social networks and educational communities where you will find new ideas, examples and experiences of colleagues who are or were in your same situation.

4) Do not be afraid

Students value much more a teacher who is encouraged to use ICT, although he is wrong, because you are entering his everyday language.

5) Let your students teach you

In this way they learn to explain and you will be showing them how valuable they are.

6) Do not lose the objective

ICT must be a tool, so that the final conclusion of the class is “Today we learned …” and not “Today we use …”

7) Do not press yourself

Do not feel obligated to use ICT at all times, use them only when you think it is necessary to improve your classes.

8) Do not transform your personal life

In your life outside of school you are not required to use ICT. As a teacher you are required to know and use them will give you security to use with your students.

9) Using ICT does not guarantee motivation and learning

But they allow us to apply other methodologies, which together with those we already use, strengthen our teaching work.

10) Always have a plan B

This is because it is possible that there is no internet connection, the website you chose is out of service, the computer is being used by another colleague, etc.

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