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Meet The Work Of Social Networks

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Many small, medium or even large companies do not know what is the real work of an area responsible for social networks. Or correctly called Community Manager or manager of social media.

And ignorance makes them not value positively and fairly their fees. Nowadays social networks are not a child’s game as it was more than 10 years ago. Nowadays it is a trench where customers are fought, where money is generated.

It is not strange to meet workers facing the public attending their smart phone, something that can mean a bad image for the company, the loss of customers or even bring more serious consequences, such as accidents at work due to distractions.

That is why the brands that do know all of the above invest large amounts to their work in social networks. And they are the ones that are taking your potential customers.

Digital evolution

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Before social networks became an opportunity to get customers. And increase sales, traditional media dominated the advertising sector. And were the link par excellence with the audience of all types of companies.

The brands invested up to 50% of their budget to advertising campaigns in media such as television, radio, magazines or newspapers.

And nowadays with the existence of social networks. These companies are still smart. And take big budget items to do wonderful jobs in social networks.

Your business how much budget for this? Or are you one of those who think that trading on the internet should be free? If the first answer is 3% or less and the second answer is “Yes” then it means that you are willing to bury your business in abandonment, stepped on by a commercial monster called Digital Era.

What aspects does a social networking work contemplate?

work of social networks

In this long introduction to the subject we explained that many business owners do not value what a social network work means. And therefore the investment is expensive.

Then we will talk about investment time issues so that the idea is more equal.

Analyze the audience.

The first aspect that all social network professionals should contemplate is analyzing the audience. Or potential clients they want to reach.

And different from what many people come to believe this work is not only present in the first stage of the digital strategy, but throughout. This is because social networks contemplate a large group of people and analyze them takes time.

You must know how they think, what they want, what they are interested in. How they are interested in talking to you, bored you. When they connect more, what days are connected, what their needs are, etc.

For all this, Digital Marketing professionals can choose to study the stereotypes that represent the audience they want to reach. However it is not an exact formula, the greatest results are obtained from the experience.

So in conclusion it takes time to achieve an accurate analysis.

Create a strategy

Once the audience has been analyzed and the objectives have been determined, a digital strategy can be developed.

The strategy should contemplate the creation of contents and the scheduling of publications to be developed.

Content creation

Designing images, videos and articles related to the brand. Or in relation to the audience is one of the full-time jobs of social media experts.

By means of the strategy created, the necessary patterns are obtained on which to base all the contents.

Therefore, who works social networks should not only be an amateur of them but skilled in multimedia production.

Crisis control

The last aspect to consider in the work of social networks and one of those that can interest more to the management of a business is this.

It is useless to give good services, have an excellent strategy of promotion, media. And digital marketing, if there is a group of opinion that becomes opposed to the brand.

Negative criticisms are not only dangerous because they are dissatisfied customers. But they are a plague that spreads to potential customers who could be discouraged and not make a purchase or contract.

That is why it is the responsibility of those behind social networks is one of the most tedious and difficult to work.

Most managers or owners of a business can work the other three aspects of this article without problems. But the latter manage to make them give up on their attempt to manage their digital accounts.

The use of social networks at work: 7 things that you are interested in knowing

The work of social networks

  • Activity on social networks privately may have consequences in the workplace, even though not talk or refer to the company. And has been endorsed by various judicial pronouncements, in which coming layoffs are declared comments. Or photos third offensive to people.
  • Workers can be the best ambassadors of the company in social networks, commenting. And defending the company’s products and services. So encouraging this type of use can be an excellent marketing tool within the company.
  • Social networks can promote internal communication in the company. So that discussion groups can be created on WhatsApp. Or on LinkedIn. Even from WhatsApp you can make group video calls with up to four people in total.
  • Beware of what is written on Whats App. Or on other social networks, recorded conversations can be used as evidence in a court. There are those who harass colleagues or subordinates. And leave their mark in messages raised in tone or with insults or disparagement.
  • Find moments for total disconnection. For this you can lower the phone’s volume or turn it off directly. Social networks must be at our service to enrich us with their content, not us at your service 24 hours a day.
  • Beware of the safety of social networks. If a hacker takes control of a corporate profile, it can cause significant image damage to the company. In addition, the accounts of employees in profiles such as LinkedIn. Or Facebook may contain data of interest to cyber criminals, which are useful for their deceptions.
  • Define a social network policy, with guidelines to follow and safety standards. The labor relations with new technologies, the right to privacy. And the use of social networks both inside. And the most conflict aspects of the labor field, analyzing jurisprudence.

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