How to delete your instagram history

How to delete your instagram history? Discover how to do it

Nowadays, the Internet has become a globalized phenomenon and we no longer only use it at home, with our desktop or laptop, but we go to the Internet anywhere thanks to our portable devices, such as mobile or the tablet. In addition, within this use we also have to include that of social networks, which we use daily, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you want your searches to stop appearing on your Instagram profile but you do not know how to do it, we explain how to delete your instagram history.

extensions for Chrome

Five essential extensions for Chrome

Chrome is the most used browser in the world and although it is very solid and comes with good basic functions. It can be much better if you install some extensions for Chrome. Extensions are small programs or extra features that we add to Chrome to get more performance and improve the experience. In addition, due to its technical nature, Chrome extensions can also be installed without problems in browsers such as Opera, Brave or Chromium among others.

Applications for iPad

Best applications for iPad and the Apple Pencil

Although there are currently many applications for all types of devices, the truth is that not all of us can take full advantage of both our iPad and Apple Pencil. For this reason, we will talk about the best applications for iPad and the Apple Pencil to retouch photos and work with these two elements of the Apple brand.

Below, we will highlight some of the best application to deal with this issue.

augmented reality technology

Apps for iOS with augmented reality technology

Today in this post, we are going to talk about the launch of the first apps for iOS with augmented reality technology. Augmented reality is an advanced technological system where you can virtually feel the real scenario. It is very useful for those who cannot attend physically to see things. This awesome allows us to add layers of visual information about the real world in which we live.

auto-reply messages

How to create auto-reply messages on Android

When they call you at an inopportune moment, Android allows you to send auto-reply messages. Discover here, how to create your own messages.

Something that often happens to users is that they receive a call at the wrong time. It can happen that you are driving, or just busy with other matters, or that you do not want to respond. Android smartphones always allow you to reject this call, in case you do not want to respond at that time. The call can also be rejected by sending an automatic reply message.

How to change font style in android phone

How to change font style in android phone without rooting

The advantages of Android concerning other platforms in terms of customization and ability to modify the system interface are no secret at this point. How to change font style in android phone? With the right applications, it is possible to customize practically any font of our Android device, from the wallpaper to the launcher, through the blocking screen or the font of the letters.