CM Browser review

CM Browser review: A browser that accumulates millions of downloads

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CM Browser is an Android browser that promises and manages to be fast, mainly by turning off tasks and unnecessary functions at the time of use. Its protection system proves effective, alerting to sites with dubious content and blocking access to downloads with harmful files. We must know the cm browser security review. 

CM Browser review

Already the thread starts strong, dismantling what it says in the description of the application itself. In Google Play they mention that they are the number 1 app in security according to AV-TEST. As you can see, according to the screenshots that Elliot Alderson says, that title was taken by Bitdefender and Sophos. At this very moment, there is a Cheetah Mobile Security Master, which is not the browser.

You can use CM browser for PC. For this, you must have NOX android emulator.

ad blocker

It has ad blocker

Another interesting point is that it has an ad blocker, yes, but what it removes. It blocks certain ads and adds others. As for permits, according to Alderson, has three of them that are only granted to the system, among which would be the possibility of deleting and reading content from USB storage.

It has strong privacy

Privacy and security are conspicuous by their absence. The thread in question is long because Alderson has tried to uncover all the dirty rags of the browser. In the two days that this user’s adventure lasts, he has discovered such strange things as a kind of list of favorites encompassed exclusively by porn pages even if you delete the browsing history, you can access the last URL visited in a file of shared preferences.

incognito mode

It has incognito mode

Another curiosity, the browser in question is capable of storing browsing history even in incognito mode. And do not abandon the porn pages, because when visiting two of the main ones (Pornhub and Xvideos) and YouTube, the browser injects a code called ‘cmbFloatVideo js’ in the web itself.

According to Alderson, CM Browser also makes some tricks like detecting when there are changes in the connectivity of the device, or when the screen is turned on or off. Finally, the author of the thread has resigned, after two days, to continue removing dirty rags from the browser seeing the amount of them that he was finding. Invite anyone who wants to visit their GitHub and discover for themselves what else CM Browser hides.

Your rating and what you hide


Cheetah Mobile has not a very good reputation and has generated distrust in several of its applications, especially in Clean Master. CM Browser, meanwhile, has more than 50 million downloads and one more than a good average rating of 4.6 stars, which suggests, according to the opinion of users, that as a browser it works well.

But we find all these things mentioned by the user Elliot Alderson on Twitter and, if all is true, puts a big question about the application. This would give us enough to think about our privacy and security when using a browser, something that we can not see at a glance because it is hidden in the code.

Everyone can decide whether to stay miles from this browser or continue using it, but if it hides all this and more, we can not rule out that there is a malware lurking. At some point, it enters our smartphone. Cheetah Mobile, however much it is divided into subsections for each type of apps. It will remain in the focus of the mistrust of many people. Are you surprised by this review about CM Browser?

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