Best SMS Recovery App

Best SMS Recovery App for Android and iPhone

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that we have deleted some messages from your mobile device without realizing it or by mistake, which has resulted in a big problem. If they are essential messages with some valuable information, we need to recover it. Here, we will present the best SMS recovery app for Android and iPhone.

It is currently possible to recover these deleted SMS using programs from the computer, which will allow us to enter the free memory and re-extract all that information we have lost. You can also retrieve text messages without a computer. But this action must be performed quickly since, over time, these will be eliminated.

Best SMS recovery app for Android and iPhone

Today there is much software available in the market whose primary function is to recover and restore data, photos, contacts or any other file that has been deleted by mistake or for some other reason. That is why we present the best programs to retrieve this type of information from the computer.

Best SMS Recovery App

Android Data Recovery

One of the most exciting programs to recover all deleted SMS from your mobile device. It is currently compatible with more than 8,000 Smartphone models on the market and works primarily for the Android operating system. You just have to install this software on your computer to start recovering all your lost information in just minutes.

Android Data Recovery will allow you to download and extract all those messages deleted from the terminal. In this way, you can recover that valuable and relevant information. Besides, it also allows you to unlock mobile screen and SIM card, as well as the recovery of deleted photos and videos, contacts and Gif, among others.

iCare Recovery

This software is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. It will allow you to recover those SMS messages that have been deleted from your iPhone or Android mobile device and which you can download for free to your computer.

A new tool with which you can begin to recover that lost information on your mobile in an effortless and fast way. Besides, it will allow you to recover data from the SD card, repair damaged RAW files, USB Flash recovery, unprocessed disk recovery, among others.

An elementary program to use and easy to execute, therefore, the loss of data will stop becoming a problem for you, a solution that has arrived to stay and to solve the majority of inconveniences of its users. Without a doubt, iCare Recovery is an effective and safe software for free data recovery.

Aiseesoft Fonelab.

Aiseesoft is currently considered the best software for recovering data and files from the iOS operating system. This program works through a network of direct synchronization with your device, be it iPhone, iPad or iPod, which will allow you to recover any type of information that has been deleted from the machine by mistake or carelessness.

Among the data and files that can be recovered are text messages, contacts, photos, videos, documents, among others. It should be noted that this software works with the tools of iCloud and iTunes to help users recover their data in a safe and fast way and turn allows their users to have a preview of the files before their recovery with the goal of only downloading those who really need.

EaseUS MobiSaver Free

A software that has compelling operating characteristics and that not only allows the recovery of SMS deleted by mistake from the iPhone, but also helps you recover deleted contacts, call history, photos, videos, documents, calendars, between others.

It has a beautiful interface and which is compatible with most iPhone models, which becomes a great advantage. You can download EaseUS MobiSaver Free entirely free for your computer and start recovering your deleted SMS from iPhone in an easy and fast way.

Among its most outstanding features, it has an easy installation, intelligent scanning, and automatic recovery. In addition, it allows you to preview the files before recovery.

Dr. Fone

A beneficial program when you want to recover some type of file deleted from the Smartphone by mistake, and which guarantees 100% correct operation. Dr. Fone can download it for both Windows and Mac, and on both operating systems it has a free trial version that you can use to test the program if you like you can buy the software.

Among its most outstanding functions, we find that it helps the recovery of deleted SMS from the Smartphone, as well as the recovery of contacts, calls, photos, videos, among others. In addition, it allows you to transfer files between operating systems, copy information and many more exciting options,

This program works for Android and iPhone mobile devices. It should be noted that it is more focused on iOS devices.

Coolmuster Android SMS + Contacts Recovery

If you have lost some or all of your messages by mistake, then you can start using Coolmuster Android, a program that will help you the recovery of deleted SMS on your mobile device Android and iOS.

This software has two versions, one for the Android operating system and another version for iOS, and can be installed on both Mac and Windows computers.

SMS Backup +

With this application, you can start making backup copies of your call history and text message which will guarantee you a backup in this type of information and which will be labeled separately in either Gmail or Google Calendar.

This will allow you to recover all this data every time you delete any by mistake. In addition, it has become a handy tool for those users who continuously change phones. This application also gives you the possibility to use your own IMAP to make these backups, which can give you total control over each of your data stored in the terminal.

SMS Backup +, is an open-source project and you can download it completely free for Android devices, it does not have advertising or tracking. Therefore, you will avoid that kind of annoyance when you use the app.


With Undeleter you can start examining your mobile device ultimately, so you will find all those files deleted by mistake, including text messages. This app performs complete searches both in the internal memory of the device and in the SD memory.

Therefore, deleting or losing an SMS will no longer be a problem, since with this app you can perform your search effortlessly, as long as the terminal has access to Jailbreak or using a root. Keep in mind that all these files found will be provided through an HTML format.

You can download this application for free, and in addition to helping you restore deleted messages, you can also recover multimedia files, WhatsApp conversations, call logging, among others. Therefore, Undeleter has become a perfect option for Android users when they want to recover some data lost or deleted from the mobile.

GT File Recovery

Another of the apps available for Android devices is GT File Recovery, with which you can start recovering your lost or deleted files by mistake, including your SMS. An exciting and useful app to carry out this type of process. In addition, you can download it from the Play Store free.

However, it is worth mentioning that this app is only available for those devices that have been rooted. With GT File Recovery it will not be necessary to make any backup copy since the program searches the memory card for files that have been accidentally deleted or even those that have been removed when formatting the device.


This application is available for the iOS operating system. It does not need a registration or the creation of an account to be used. You can simply transfer all your data, be it contacts, call log or SMS to your email and in this way you will have a backup of all this information.

Making a backup of the most valuable information on your mobile is one of the best options always to be prepared for those moments where data is deleted by mistake or has simply been lost for no reason.

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