How to make an anonymous call

How to Make an Anonymous Call From App and Landline

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Surely, more than once you’ve wanted to know how to make an anonymous call through a private number can be done as a precaution or joking.

By activating this mode, you prevent someone from identifying you and they will not be able to return your calls because they will not have a record of your phone number.

Here are the steps to find out how to hide your number and remain anonymous without being discovered.

How to make an anonymous call?

You have 3 ways to know how to call in a hidden number from your mobile:

1.- Activation from your terminal

Almost all Android Smartphone have this option available. These are the steps:

  • Enter the phone symbol
  • In the upper right corner click on More > Settings
  • Scroll down to the Call settings tab > More settings
  • Go to Show my caller ID
  • Select the option Hide number > Accept
  • Hide calls on android

The iPhone is exactly the same, look directly for ID and there you will find the option. Once that option is selected, what you do is put in a hidden number all the calls you make, that is, from a private number.

2.- Request hidden calls from your telephone company

It is supposedly a right that you have as a client, although you will have to fight it since the regular client does not usually ask always to be able to call with a private number. In case you get it if you want to reverse the process, remove the hidden-phone, contact them again.

3.- The classic hidden prefix # 31 #

How to call with the hidden number from mobile using a simple command? All you have to do is dial command # 31 # and then the number you want to call hidden.

As each company has its own rules and regulations, we explain the hidden call in several famous companies:

How to call with a hidden number on Yoigo

Yoigo is one of the fastest-growing companies today. If you want to call with a private number, you will have to contact them and request the service.

Even if you use the hidden # 31 # prefix, the phone will continue to make normal calls depending on the terminal model, so you can get in touch for free.

Yoigo Customer Service Phone: 622

How to make hidden call Vodafone?

If you want to make your Vodafone private number, you only have to use the command that we have previously commented, but it will only be useful for specific calls.

If you really want to call with hidden permanently you have to follow these steps:

  • Enter your private area
  • Access your phone found in the My Products tab
  • In the top menu select Options and Settings
  • Click on the drop-down that says Call options
  • Check the option Hide your number

By doing this, your number will be invisible when you call from the Vodafone operator.

You can also contact them from your mobile to enable this option:

If you call from a Vodafone phone: 123
From another phone: 607123000

Call with a hidden number from Movistar

You can camouflage outgoing calls from Movistar in three ways:

  • You hide the line halfway: The operator hides all outgoing calls except those you want your identity to appear.
  • For all calls you want, DO NOT hide your phone number you must enter the prefix * 31 # from your mobile and * 67 # from a landline.
  • Be careful not to confuse with the prefix that we have repeated continuously. In this case, the first symbol is an asterisk (*).
  • Manual control: The classic, our data always appears when calling except if we dial # 31 # from the mobile.
  • Always hidden number: Movistar gives you the private number whenever you call, regardless of whether or not you enter prefixes.

To get in touch with Movistar and activate the hidden number, you can do it in two ways:

Customer Service Chat
Calling the number 1004

The service is made free and activation or deactivation is processed instantly.

How to call with a private number from Orange?

The Orange company also allows you to hide the number at no cost and offers two types of privacy, on time or permanently.

You have to keep in mind that if you want to put a hidden number in the sent SMS, you won’t be able to do it. In this video, the Orange operator explains it perfectly in a very visual way.

Call with the hidden number from a landline

If what you are interested in is to call with hidden from fixed you simply have to put this prefix before dialling the number you want to call:

Prefix: 067

Regardless if you call a landline or mobile phone, your number will not appear, so you will have a fixed private number.

The good thing is that this prefix is ​​the same for all companies, but only from the landline. In fact, when we receive an anonymous call from the landline, we try to find the landline number in some way.

How to find out a private number?

This is the great unknown that many users are made. Is there a trick to find out a hidden number?

Many times we receive calls in hidden mode to make jokes or phone spam from broadcasters that we don’t trust. The good news is that YES it is possible to find out an unknown number with specialized applications.

How to know a private number with these apps is an easy task. In fact, success is almost 100% of the cases, thus obtaining the identity of the issuer.

Truecaller: With more than 7 million ratings on Google Play, this app allows you to know who calls you in a private number instantly.

Also can:

  • Block SMS spam
  • Custom filter
  • View numbers of unknown people in history
  • Create backup copies
  • Identify SMS that is unknown and telemarketing
  • You can create blocks of people by numbers and names

TrapCall app

With this application, you can find out hidden numbers and it has other very interesting features:

  • SPAM List Creation
  • You will see the name and face of the issuer
  • Record calls in seconds, very useful in case you want to collect threats, ghost offers, etc …
  • Convert voice messages to plain text
  • The only downside of this app is the price, it is not free, it costs about 5 dollars a month, but depending on the level of SPAM you receive, it can help you.

Du Caller app

It is also considered one of the best caller ID apps. It works similar to the previous ones. It can identify the hidden number and partial/total blocking of incoming calls.

It also allows you to record calls, block SMS and Smart Dialer. It also has a function to locate cell phone although it is not as accurate as other specialized apps.

It is useful for these types of SPAM calls:

  • Gambling promotions
  • Telephone harassment
  • Loan offer
  • Insurance
  • Surveys
  • Heavy phone calls from operators

How to block hidden numbers

The mentioned applications already incorporate the function of blocking calls with hidden numbers, but the devices themselves have the option of doing so without installing anything.

The process of blocking Android numbers is very simple. Almost all new versions have it by default. These are the steps to follow, although it may vary depending on the model:

  • Go to Call settings from the main menu or by pressing phone
  • Press the option “Call blocking”
  • Go to “Blocked numbers”
  • Check the “Block anonymous” bar

This way all hidden calls are blocked, although blocked numbers can be added. In most models, it also allows you to configure a rejection message. It serves to tell the sender any excuse or custom text.

Lock hidden numbers Iphone

The iOS operating system also has functions to block hidden calls easily. These are the steps:

  • Access Settings
  • Choose the Do not disturb option
  • You have the ability to check the Manual tab
  • Select Allow calls and All contacts

The only problem is that all the people you have in your contacts agenda will be able to call you, although normally what interests you is to block anonymous calls from people you don’t know unless it is a joke of someone known.

Cases where the hidden number is shown

You will not always be able to call with a hidden number, since there may be serious situations. Even when dialling the prefix the number will appear to the receiver.

These are some of those services that cancel the private number:

Emergencies: 112
Police: 091
Civil Guard: 062
Firefighters: 080 or 085
Medical Emergencies: 061
Citizen Attention: 060
Civil protection: 1006

Anyway, now you know all the possible ways to call with hidden number and block incoming anonymous calls. We recommend that you protect your privacy as soon as you doubt a number.

A good option is to find that number in quotes on Google to see if other users have already reported that phone, the police can also help you in case you receive threats or any telephone offence.

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