Campsite business plan

Campsite business plan: How to start with low investment

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Are you looking for a way to set up a campsite business? We share pawn shop business plan in our previous article. Today we will talk about the campsite business plan with a guide providing all the necessary information to know if it is the ideal business for you. 

How to set up a Campsite business plan

Campsite business plan

If you like the outdoors you could start a camping business; if you already have the land, it will be much easier. You can also buy one and adapt it in the best way. The good thing about this business is that you provide a place for people who want to connect with nature. You can focus only on campers with tents or also accept vehicles (mobile homes).

That is, before starting a camping business, you will need some knowledge to be able to undertake in the best way, including accounting and different maintenance. Although you can hire a third party, it is ideal that you can solve it yourself.

It is ideal for those people who love the outdoors and socialize with everyone. It is also an excellent business for those who have experience in administration, the hiring of personnel and maintenance of all kinds.

How is a typical day of work in a camp?

Campsite business

The owner of the camping business has many activities a day, so I recommend that you hire someone to help you. But if you want to do it alone you should do the following tasks:

  • Check the entry and exit of campers.
  • Accounting.
  • Empty garbage containers.
  • Perform cleaning in bathrooms, park, offices, etc.
  • Interact with your customers.
  • Make reservations.
  • Plan events.

What is the target market?

The market will depend a lot on the type of camp that you want to undertake. If the place where the place was built has rustic or primitive places, the most logical thing would be to point the business to customers with tents. On the other hand, if your place has public service sites around it, the ideal would be to point your business model to mobile homes.

How does a camp generate money?

A camping business generates its income by renting small spaces for camping, but it can also offer different services, such as electricity, selling food and any other item that customers may need. That’s right; the most sold products are ice bags and drinks.

Camping Business

Does A Camping Business Offer Growth Potential?

Obviously yes, but this will depend mainly on the size of the place, if your camp is big enough you can easily generate USD 1 million a year. Now, if your campsite is small, you can go by buying the adjoining land to grow your business.

Other alternatives to growing your camping business can be the creation of franchises. The franchises offer excellent potential to grow any business since they can be offered throughout the country.

How Much Investment Is Needed?

The amount of money to invest in a camping business will depend on whether you have the land or not. If we take into account that you start from scratch, you will have to invest in the following:

– Buy the land, where the price may vary according to the area and the number of square meters that are purchased. Therefore, its price can range from USD 1,000 per meter 2 to USD 10,000 per meter 2 if there are rivers or lakes nearby.

– Now, if you want to buy an existing campsite, your prices can range from USD 100,000 up to USD 2,000,000.

– You must invest in licenses and permits for your business, in the design of the campsite, realization of internal roads, local and different locations for services.

– Invest in electrical installation, plumbing, bathrooms, etc.

Steps To Set Up A Camping Business


Once you have decided to start your camping business, it is time to plan your idea following these steps:

Plan your business: A key to success is to plan your business as best as possible. You should consider all the issues of your business such as the initial costs, target market and other things that help you achieve your goals.

Find out legal aspects: Remember that being a different business, because people will be inside a private property, but may be exposed to different hazards. You must find out all the legal aspects so that your business is covered as well as possible.

Get the permissions: For this business, you will need some licenses and permits to be able to provide all the services. Remember that if you do not have the corresponding permits, the fines can be very severe.

Create a striking name for your business: That’s right, try to find a name that is the most striking and easy to learn. As well try to solidify your brand, it will help you stand out from your competitors.

Create a website: A website will give you the possibility to grow even more, and get many customers.

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