How to recover twitter messages

How to recover twitter messages? Is it possible?

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Are your twitter messages deleted? Do you want to recover it? If so, here we guide you How to recover twitter messages. It is possible, and the method is called Tweleted. But Tweleted doesn’t work. You can try Snapbird. Tom Scott creates the method. In our previous article, we talked about the using method of multiple twitter account. Now, retrieve deleted messages from your Twitter account. 

How to recover twitter messages?

Tweleted is a free online application with which we can recover the deleted tweets and look at those deleted by other people in your account. Its use is very simple: we just have to enter the Twitter user and press the SEARCH button. After a few seconds, this application shows us a list of deleted tweets.

how to recover twitter messages

How to use?

There is no secret. Just go to the Tweleted page and enter the username in the search field. The results are displayed in a way that resembles the Twitter site. To see if a tweet was deleted, click Check. If the message appears, it has not been deleted. If the “Sorry, that page does not exist” warning is displayed, it is confirmation that the tweet has been deleted.

When searching for an account that does not exist or has the wrong address, Twitter requires login and password authentication. This is a Twitter procedure and not Tweleted. The Tweleted developer claims that it does not store any such information.

We do not need more than to write our username and give “Search.” Under normal circumstances what would appear on the screen would be the messages that correspond to the search we have done. However, with Tweleted we will see the messages that correspond to the search and the deleted messages that also correspond to the search; that way we can recover them.

Note that a priori it may seem that this tool is the panacea, but it turns out to be a double-edged sword. If by accident we delete a Twitter message and we want to recover it, then, wonderful. This is clear to everyone. However, things get complicated when we delete that message, and we do not want it to be recorded since anyone who downloads Tweleted will be able to see it. Create a poster with Microsoft Word.


Therefore, the idea of creating this tool is interesting, and it was also an obvious step that was to take place in the evolution of Twitter.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent tool if we delete a Twitter message by mistake and we want to recover it, although I think it is not good for those who wrote something that they later regretted and wanted to erase the clues. So you know, think before you write a message on Twitter insulting your boss, girlfriend, wife, etc. or counting something that is better not known, remember that even if you delete it from your account, the message can be recovered.

Pinch of humor

Tweleted has two layouts: the good and the bad. The first is bluish, with the peace that a sky with few clouds has. Already the evil one is orange with details of flames of that place with very warm marble.

Good or bad; choose your layout.

The joke is in the description of the service. The good guy offers to retrieve accidentally erased tweets and those lost for no apparent reason. The villain does not want to know any of this; he’s there to retrieve, let’s say, embarrassing messages. Of course, the layout does not alter the operation of the service at all; it’s just a hint of humor.

Our Opinion on Tweleted

Access, enter the username and get the results. Simple like that, Tweleted is there. The layout is simple, and the joke with the good guy and the bad guy is something different. It’s a great service for anyone who accidentally missed a tweet and needs to get it back.

A service like Tweleted is one you rarely use, but it can come in handy when you need it. After all, you do not expect a large number of deleted tweets.

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