staff management tips

Follow these staff management tips to improve your business

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Exercising a position of coordination or management is not always easy. It is not only about having the right knowledge for the position but also having the right attitude to manage a certain group of people. So, some important staff management tips to take into account when supervising personnel. You can start camping business. In this business, you can control your staffs easily. 

Staff management tips

staff management tips

Tips no 1

Train all those who have people in charge (regardless of the hierarchical level they have, be supervisors, managers or managers) and who have the potential to have that responsibility, in the basic concepts of people management. Like any other ability or ability, it can be learned, taught and developed. It is necessary to take it into account for the development of potential leaders and should be evaluated before granting a promotion or position. Many times an excellent technician is promoted to a position where he must manage people and fails, not because of his hard skills but because he has not been prepared.

Tips no 2

Include in the systems of setting objectives and performance evaluation goals related to the management of people, and if possible linking them with the payment of the bonus or annual bonus. Once we have discovered that the issue is on the organization’s agenda, making the various systems reflect it is vital to improving. And in that sense, nothing better than being part of the evaluation, and also of the compensation, which, although it does not explain everything, is a great behavior modifier.


Tips no 3

Measure the degree of maturity of those who have people in charge of tools that allow us to evaluate their evolution and help them in their development. For this, it can be very useful to use 360 ° evaluations and surveys of open climates by function and manager, which gives us invaluable data not to persecute those who do it wrong but to help them improve, while providing us with much information to reward and recognize those who do it well.

Tips no 4

Be attentive to staff turnover, not only at the general level but also at the open rates by organizational level, by function and location. You can learn a lot from this analysis and study to see what works and what does not work in an organization. It will help us detect best practices, evaluate differences, determine courses of action and be able to forecast.


Tips no 5

Conduct exit interviews of employees who leave the organization. It is very important to determine the insights of those who are abandoning us and to know what the real and real causes are. It is desirable to be able to do it with those who leave for any reason and at all levels of the organization. Analyzing the answers we can detect and prevent legal issues, or simply improve our policies. While this process can be done internally, in order to obtain greater depth and quality of responses, making these interviews with external third parties and guaranteeing confidentiality, greatly improves the level and quality of responses.

Tips no 6

Finally, having tried the training and development of those who have people in charge, we must get rid of those who do not want or can improve their people management skills. If we are really interested in not losing value by inadequately managing people, we must be consistent in our discourse and our actions. It is to say, that our public discourse coincides with the private one and act accordingly. Therefore, if we have tried, we do not observe changes, we must pay the cost of removing from the organization those who are not up to the task. Many times this is a great dilemma because it can be people with high technical quality and even with excellent business results. There, the results of the short with the long-term value come into conflict.

In short, putting on the agenda and properly manage the people starting from the development of those who have people in charge can not only avoid legal problems and image in our organization. It can result in an improvement in our results and increase in value.

tips to manage staffs

Extra tips to manage staffs

  • First, there is the obvious, to treat the other with respect, tact, ethics and empathy. Do not treat your staff as you would not like to be treated, a basic concept that applies both to the work and personal
  • Be an example for your employees and colleagues. Reflect in your own behavior the demands that you pose to your staff. Otherwise, you can hardly ask them to achieve something without them noticing that you yourself do not strive to do it
  • Find a middle point between being a sheep that blindly follows the company and the manager who only criticizes it. Your team should see you as a person aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as someone who is willing to defend them if necessary but who is also clear about how things work within the corporation
  • Be communicative, give effectively what you need. State goals and learn to delegate. Do not overlook anything you think is necessary to inform or that seems obvious to you, the clearer the leadership the better
  • Even if a situation or an employee makes your hair stand on end, always stay calm , losing control also loses the reason and the valid point of your argument, remember it
  • Be patient, remember that part of the work includes dealing with different types of people, one more working others less, some with more positive qualities and others more negative, use the communication tool to let an employee know when he is not meeting the objectives , but do it calmly and with patience
  • No one wants a mom-style supervisor, who is always on top of their employees. Establish rules and regulations , leave them clear and expect your employees to comply, if someone breaks them constantly you must face the problem in the way you consider logical and fair, but you can not waste the workday following step by step what each one does
  • If you feel that you have failed as a supervisor or that you fail to give the maximum desired, do not hesitate to attend a special training and training course to improve your skills. The idea is that both you and your employees have the opportunity to grow under your supervision

Final thoughts,

Respect is basic to supervise and direct any group. Be an example and a reflection of good behavior and remember that communication is the key to managerial success.

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