Photoshop alternatives

Best Photoshop Alternatives: Choose Which One is Suitable for You

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Today, I’m going to go over five free Photoshop alternatives. Now, these alternatives are going to be available so either for your Windows or Mac depending on what you’re using or even on Chromebook. With some of these now these are great programs to use at different entry levels whether you’re more the advanced user or the beginner. They’re a little bit different for each one. So, take a look at the ones that suit you the best. Let’s, get started with the top 5 free Photoshop alternatives.

Photoshop alternatives

Here we will describe these Photoshop alternatives:

  • Krita
  • Medibang paint
  • GIMP
  • Photoscape X
  • Pixlr


I’m just gonna start with my favorite program out of all. It is a great program you can install it on Mac Windows or Linux. It’s very powerful the graphic interface is great. You can easily create your new canvases to start your own customization of it and start using the many brushes right away. The adaptations that you can make to them, you can check out the brushes just by clicking on the brushes. You can see how quickly adjust them with the size and opacity. Then, look at all the different brushes that you can choose from here to carry many designs on it. You can change your colors quickly and you can even adopt and change and customize your own brushes. On your own settings, you have all the ability of layers to add just like in Photoshop and your selection tools to get that precise selection

You can also work with pictures really easily if you wanted to do some quick photo editing. You have features such as the crop tool. If you were going to use this patch tool, you can take it this little Cathedral. And if you click on it to turn pink, it will be gone. So, you can use other tools where you might typically see some of them here. If you go up to the brushes, you’ll be able to see that there are things like the clone tool that you see in Photoshop to grow the shrink.

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Medibang paint

Another great program is Medibang paint. Now, this one again can be cross-platform and you can also use it on your PC iPad iPhone Android devices. So, this is a great painting program or if you’re into comic creation. You can still edit photos. Let’s go ahead and just open this up. When it opens up you are exposed to the ad at the beginning. But I find once you click off this you won’t see any more.

There are a few features though in this one you need to have an account and be logged in like accessing all the fonts.  If you are creating your artwork this is another great program for that where you can create your canvas. It is very easy to choose whether a transparent background or the solid fills. You can see through the toolbars. If you’re used to any of the other programs you can quickly choose your brushes up here and do some painting with some of the designs. Then you have all the different brushes that you can choose from if you wanted to go to something more traditional.

It has a quick way to change your colors where you can pick from the spectrum. Then, pick something in here to alter it here again. You work with all your layers in this so very similar to Krita or Photoshop. This is another great program to try again if you wanted to open up images you can go ahead and do that and then work on some of the aspects to edit these images the way.


GIMP is another powerful program. This was my go-to free program years ago when I just started to learn about how to photo edit and do some basic painting with these taper programs. I would say with GIMP. This is more something I would use for photo editing over the painting like the other programs. The interface isn’t quite as friendly as the other ones. It has the same features as the other programs I showed such as Krita or medibang. The one thing I find, the interface isn’t as friendly when I went to move around it. I know where things are in. But it’s not too bad but if you’re starting brand new. This one you might have to dig a little bit deeper and learn how to do a few things in it.

But if once you do this can be a great program you can see all the tools that are there you still get. It is broken up between your selection tools, paint tools and transform tools. They’re very easy to use you can see with the paint. It is just like some of the other ones that die for showing you with a clone where you can pick a certain area and go ahead and clone it. It reacts very quickly. So, while it is something to kind of dig around take a look at a few other tutorials on this and this could be the program for you if you’re looking for something fun and easy.

Photoscape x

Photoscape x is the cross-platform you can put it on your Windows or Mac on it a simple. You can upgrade to a pro version but the free one will do a lot of the tasks that you probably need to get done. I think Photoscape X is actually a program that would solve most people’s problems with what they wanted to accomplish with editing some photos or creating some neat documents.

It is super easy to use and the way it’s set up across at the top you can see from editor to cut out and I’ll just pull a couple of things in. If I was going to grab this in right here I can just drag it in after my files and you can see all the different things. Now, I am using the free version there is a pro version too. I’ll just show you a couple of the things you might want. If you were upgrading but this free one can do a lot. You can see how you can quickly crop and manage the color and you can apply different things right away. The fun things like this you can go to the collage here and pick different collages you can see which ones are pro.

Once you’re in it, you can just drag these into it. You can adjust these where you want them. Then you can save it from here and this works in the free version. There are different things even from creating a gif too even for doing print pages on this too. If you want it to do a print page and put things on you can see that you can select the different ones in different ways to print to your printer.

You can see if you were unlocking all the features. Things like the transform tool you might want or maybe some of these other ones that like selective color. If you were getting more into photo editing but the free one does a pretty good job just for getting started.


Lastly, I want to show you Pixlr. There’s the photo editor Pixlr X which is newer and they’re traditional. All you need is the browser and it works on a Chromebook. When I used to teach it to kids with photo editing and I only had two Chromebooks this is one I would use. It is very easy to use.

These have been my top five favorite – free Photoshop alternatives and some of them are kind of maybe based more around paint than photo editing. You have to look at them for what your needs are in what your system. But what your computer is like to see how they work effectively on it.

I hope you liked it and share this with a few other people have a great week and I’ll see you next time.

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