WiFi network

How to increase the speed of your WiFi network

From the past few years the Internet connection suffered a great leap in terms of quality. But, above all, it gained in speed and stability. At last we could forget having to disable the internet connection every time we wanted to talk on the phone, and access to websites and downloads was done with a speed never seen.

But what really changed the connectivity in our homes was WiFi. Being able to be connected to a network wireless, without any cable, din ties and with total freedom was, without doubt, a great step. But like everything, it also has some limitations, and I’m sure that on some occasion you have missed more speed in your WiFi connection. Keep reading and we will explain how to improve both the quality of your connection and the speed of it. Can you come with us?

how to check who is using my wifi online

How to check who is using my wifi online

Public WiFi networks are becoming more common. But are they safe? As a rule, no. Can a public WiFi network be used, even if it is not secure? The answer is yes, taking the proper precautions. A few months ago we were surprised with a 7-year-old girl who had hacked the WiFi in a cafeteria in 11 minutes. It is necessary to know how to check who is using my wifi online. Through this guideline, you can control your wifi connection easily.