What is decoupled Drupal?

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Decoupling CMS is a relatively new strategy but one that is rapidly gaining traction.

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Decoupled or headless?

According to an article in Hackernoon, decoupling CMS architecture allows the front-end application of a website and the CMS to function completely independently of one another.

In a traditional CMS, website owners are able to create, manage and edit content through either an HTML or WYSIWYG editor, saving it to a back-end database. The content is then displayed according to the delivery layer built into the front end of the CMS. Remove that front end, or “head”, and you are left with the content, or “body”, which is now a headless CMS.

With no front end to worry about, the content can now be published via any framework anywhere you wish. That means that your Drupal developer can create a number of different heads according to need, so whether you are planning on delivering your content across websites or applications, it’s easy to implement.

Alternatively, the head can be kept for when it is needed or discarded when it is not, which is when it becomes a decoupled CMS.

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Advantages of decoupled Drupal

– Once Drupal has been decoupled, it can be used for publishing content across all devices and all channels with minimal fuss.
– Decoupled Drupal becomes future-proof for new technology, whether it’s devices or channels, without the need for re-implementation of the entire CMS.
– Drupal front end developers can utilise their preferred tools and frameworks.
– Drupal’s ability to cache and render allows content to display very quickly.

Disadvantages of decoupled Drupal
– Front end presentation isn’t catered for initially, making it difficult to create an accurate live preview.

Developers love decoupled Drupal

Drupal is a specialised CMS platform requiring extensive technical knowledge, so it’s important to choose a dedicated Drupal design agency, such as https://www.website-express.co.uk/service/drupal-design-development-agency, to create and develop your Drupal website and implement any required decoupling. With the help of a good Drupal team, you’ll discover that your website is able to do so much more than you would have believed possible.

Drupal developers released from the constraints of the back end can make the most of the decoupling process, using it to its best advantage and taking control of the website user’s experience to ensure that your content shines across all relevant channels.

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