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Premium Stock Videos, where to buy?

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Just like you, stock videos are great when they make your brand stand out. But, finding affordable stock videos that are high quality can be tough. Still, there are options for you to buy premium video stock without having to pay skyrocket prices. In this blog article, I’ll show you the best platform to find the best, yet affordable, premium stock videos!

  1. What is a Premium Stock Video?

Stock videos are videos that have already been produced by someone else, without an engagement, and that are available for download, for your use, from a website, normally for consideration.

A premium stock video is the high-end quality of this type of video. They are typically more expensive to produce than standard stock videos, but they are more likely to be watched and shared. There are several ways to buy premium stock videos: through an online marketplace, a media buying company, or a video production company. Finding a reputable source for premium stock videos is important to get the best quality possible.

  1. Pros and Cons of a Stock Video

Using stock video has many pros and cons. Before making a decision, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this content marketing strategy.

Advantages of Stock Video:

  • Less expensive than creating your custom video content
  • Saves time for your organization
  • There is no uncertainty on the result of the filming: it’s already there for you
  • More video output with less efforts is good for your marketing budget

Disadvantages of Stock Video:

  • The clips you are looking for, might not exist, or you might not be able to find them
  • Depending on where you look, chances are you will have to scroll through hundreds of videos until you find something deserving your attention
  • There might be others using exactly the same videos you have selected for your marketing output
  1. How to find the best Premium Stock Video?

There are a few ways to find the best premium stock video. Most of the major stock photo and video platforms have “premium” sections where you can search for higher quality video, although at a higher cost. However, it is likely that you will get too many results, and that a good amount of them will not meet the standards of what you think is good quality.

If this is too discouraging, go to stock video “boutiques” that produce less content, but usually offering higher standards of quality. One of this “boutiques” is and it has a very interesting value proposition. The videos in this site are all cinematic style footage with really exceptional aesthetics and production.

Aside from the high-quality content at, their novel value proposition consists in offering full, complete stock video stories under totally exclusive licenses. This removes the risk that someone else might be using the videos you want, and, if you like the full story, then you are all set for your marketing needs saving the time you would’ve had to spend scrolling through hundreds of clips. They also license individual clips, so you can be sure to find something interesting on this site.

The average cost of a full stock video story is 3.000 Euro, and the average cost of an individual clip is 300 Euro.

  1. Conclusion

Using stock video has pros and cons. If it fits you, it will certainly save time and money when compared to custom video production. Because there is premium stock video, you do not have to give up your quality standards in exchange for your most valued time. Also, searching in “boutique” stock video sites makes all the sense in your quest for premium stock video. There actually are full, complete stock video stories available at, which may be just right for you.

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