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How to increase the speed of your WiFi network

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From the past few years the Internet connection suffered a great leap in terms of quality. But, above all, it gained in speed and stability. At last we could forget having to disable the internet connection every time we wanted to talk on the phone, and access to websites and downloads was done with a speed never seen.

But what really changed the connectivity in our homes was WiFi. Being able to be connected to a network wireless, without any cable, din ties and with total freedom was, without doubt, a great step. But like everything, it also has some limitations, and I’m sure that on some occasion you have missed more speed in your WiFi connection. Keep reading and we will explain how to improve both the quality of your connection and the speed of it. Can you come with us?

As we mentioned before, every network has its limitations, and WiFi is no less. In fact, if you compare the speed obtained in the same computer under the same circumstances but connected by cable or wirelessly, you will notice that it is drastically reduced if the connection to the network is made over WiFi, to the point of not taking advantage the speed available in our network. And nowadays, with fiber optics in our homes and having up to 600 Mbps of speed, it is nothing more than a crime.

The first thing you must do is nothing more than an analysis of your installation. The key points are, above all, the router, the connected equipment, and the type of housing. The speed losses obtained in a two-room apartment are not the same as in a three-storey villa with several rooms. So based on these three factors and being clear that the connected equipment and the type of housing cannot be changed, and we want to maintain the company’s router, we only have a few options left.

WiFi network

Configure the router correctly

The first step to configure the router is to choose your location well. It must be located in the most central part of the house, so that the signal of it is distributed as evenly as possible. Taking into account this simple detail we can have better signal in certain parts of our house where we did not have before (which entails a more stable and faster connection). If we avoid having it hidden and away from elements such as cordless phones or areas with many cables, we will get less interference and more stability.

It is very important to access the router configuration to verify that all the parameters are correct. In addition to the connection protocol (we can choose between 802.11 b, g, not ac, each being faster in ascending order), we must correctly choose the channel in which our router will work. This affects the WiFi networks of our neighbors, so it will be very important to find the right channel, that is, the least busy, to avoid interference with their networks. It depends on the environment of your home this change will be more noticeable or less, but it never hurts to check it.

WiFi network

Change the password

Yes, even if you do not believe it, a poor speed of your WiFi network may be due to a low level of security in your password. Especially if you live in a highly populated area, it is more than possible that a neighbor or, even from a nearby business, are accessing your WiFi network because they have guessed your password, thus reducing the speed of the network. The basic tips for maintaining minimum security are based on changing the default password of the router.

This is very easy to guess following certain algorithms, so it is the first thing to do. When choosing a new password, we recommend that it be something completely personalized, that it is difficult to decipher even by acquaintances, and mixing alphanumeric characters with symbols, to make your WiFi network even more insurmountable.

WiFi network

Use a WiFi amplifier or a PLC

If you have already configured the router and placed all its values correctly and you continue to miss reach or speed, you have two options: use a WiFi repeater, or the installation of a PLC. Following the assumption of not being able to wire the entire house and being always connected by the ethernet cable, a good option is a WiFi repeater. They are nothing more than WiFi router that capture the signal of your usual router to repeat it, as its name suggests, and increase its range and speed.

It will depend on the model, these two variables will be more or less increased, although in the market there are more than enough options from about 20 dollars. Then we offer you two models, one more basic and the other more advanced, which start at 20 dollars, but which will meet your needs almost with total security. The first option, from the well – known TP-Link brand, is a coverage extender that allows speeds of up to 300Mbps following the 802.11.n protocol, which allows a wide range and ensures that the speed will remain in the network.

WiFi network

Without leaving the brand, we have this second option of a higher range. With a cost of about 60 dollars, a step is placed above the aforementioned option. As the main difference, the previous model integrated the antennas in a hidden way, so it was more colorful. In contrast, with the AC1750 that we show you below, the antennas are visible, which provides a greater range and greater stability in the connection.

Both models work in the same way and have similar characteristics, allowing to extend the reach of your WiFi network in the home efficiently and easily. Its energy consumption is very low, which will prevent the electricity bill from increasing, and also, due to its small size and easy configuration, you can change them according to your needs. You will only need a plug where you can connect them.

WiFi network

Another option available is a PLC, whose abbreviations correspond to Power Line Communication (communication by the electrical lines). Actually it is two devices: one, connected to an outlet and the router by an ethernet cable, receives the data sent by the latter, and sends them through the electrical installation of the home to the other twin device, which receives them and the transmits to the computer in question through another ethernet cable.

Of course, it also has its limitations, as it is very exposed to possible interferences produced by other household appliances connected to the network, in addition to giving problems in old houses because the electrical installations are not prepared for it. The first option we offer is from the Tenda brand. Part of a succulent price of about 35 dollars, although its speed is limited to 200 Mbps, so it could fall short in certain cases.

WiFi network

Although if you really want to make the most of your network, the option we recommend is the following, also from the TP-Link brand. With up to 600 Mbps of speed, it will be able to transmit the available speed in the home in 99% of cases, in addition to allowing the plug to be maintained, since it has a female included in the PLC itself so as not to waste an electricity outlet. Its price does not reach 40 dollars.

As you have seen, the options to improve the speed and reach of your WiFi network are not few, and above all, without having to change router, mobile or even computer. Of course, everything has limits, and the time may come when, if you need more, you should ask your operator, install a better router or even, consider changing your mobile device or network card. But in the meantime, you can try these little tricks to improve your network.

WiFi network

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