How to remove malware from android

How to remove malware from android

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If you suspect that a virus or malware have infected your phone, you have reached the right place. Today we will tell you how to remove malware from android and we will show you the best methods to eliminate viruses from your Android device. Maybe you’re wondering how to know if my device is infected?

It is straightforward because when malware has been introduced in your Android, you can notice it quickly. The most common is that you start to get publicity in your notification bar, seeing the battery consumption affected in a very remarkable way. The worst part comes when your phone receives a stronger virus. One that blocks your terminal and in which usually they ask you to pay to be able to leave and things of that style.

How to remove malware from android

If your phone has some symptoms that were mentioned, you will have to eliminate that malware that is causing your device to malfunction, but how to remove malware from my phone? It is effortless, and today we will tell you two very effective methods. So, you can get rid of your phone’s viruses before they affect the operation of your device.

How to remove malware from android?

The methods to remove malware from your phone are incredibly useful and very easy to perform, and then we will tell you what they are, it will only take a few minutes to put them into practice, and you can corroborate the effectiveness of them. So, with nothing more to say, let’s begin.

Method 1

The first thing we have to do is start our mobile in safe mode. For most of them give the physical button power and that will begin in the safe way your phone, in case that option does not appear you can try to turn on your device at the same time you leave the volume down key pressed, and you can enter the secure mode of your phone.

Method 2

The second step is to open settings and go to the application manager. Once there we have to delete the apps that we consider suspicious, that is, files that we have installed lately and that we can think that they are waiting for malware inside, such as the apk downloaded outside of Google Play. To identify them, think about what we have installed on our smartphone recently and from where. When we detect the malicious application, we will have to uninstall it.

Note: In case we can not, we will have to leave the application manager and go to the security section. There we will have a section called applications with access to use, we have to remove these accesses to the virus, and we can remove it from the menu where we were previously.

Method 3

Method to remove malware from your Android device with Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Android phones and tablets
The second method is to use an application called Kaspersky for Android phones and tablets, at the top we will leave a link that will take you directly to the app so you can download it and install it on your device. This application is a free antivirus with which you can protect phones and tablets (they can be more vulnerable than the computer), as well as your private information against online dangers. The new application blocking feature also guarantees the privacy of your data.

You have to make a complete scan of the phone because this application automatically blocks viruses and other types of malware from mobile phones and tablets. To do this once you have installed it, we will proceed to open it and run an analysis and automatically scan the phone for the malware or virus that is affecting the device. Now you can test these methods and corroborate the effectiveness of them and thus be able to eliminate germs from your phone safely.

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