A warm entrance to a business can create a great first impression

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When you have your own business you will soon learn that first impressions can be the make or break to weather clients or customers will use you.  It can put people in a great mood straight away and relax them into spending more money.  Beware however it could have the opposite effect and create a negative feel and that may continue into the meeting you have organised.

These are some tips to make your Business entrance more welcoming.

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Stand out

If you are starting up a new brand, launching a product or even celebrating an anniversary of your business you could get helium balloons in your corporate colours outside your front door to make it stand out to potential customers.  It creates a talking point and most people are too nosy to turn down an opportunity to find out if there is a sale on.

Lights – Light up the front of your company with LED lights that change colour or twinkle to draw attention from passers by.  You may even invest in neon lighting with your name and what you do to have a quirky yet professional look.

Music – If you have a selection of music playing that people can hear, it will instantly make you either want to find out why and if it’s one of your favourites maybe even stop and take a look. Some music within stores is said to have a relaxing effect and has even been proven to encourage spending in some environments.  Some companies will have gone as far as having their own radio station playing which allows for brand advertising and live announcements throughout the day.


Once the customer has come into your reception you then have to keep them there with interest, information and comfort.  The best thing to do is invest in Reception Chairs from businesses like Best Buy Office Chairs that provide quality seating at a great cost.  Providing some reading material, fresh cold water and bathroom facilities can go along way. Your receptionist should be friendly, smiley and do anything to go out of the way for them whilst they wait.


Whilst a warm welcome is what everyone want be careful that you don’t go to far in terms of heating the reception area as a waiting room that feels to hot can cause uncomfortable feelings, sweat to build and can make some people feel dizzy.  The same for the other way round and letting it get to cold as this can make customers shake and want to move or leave.

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