What is basement tanking?

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Basement tanking is a waterproofing method used to protect underground structures, particularly basements or cellars, from water and dampness. It involves the application of waterproofing materials to the walls and floors to create a barrier against moisture penetration. Basement tanking is essential for preventing any water damage, mould growth and structural deterioration in basement environments.
Why should you get basement tanking?

Basement tanking primarily protects the structural integrity of buildings and maintains a healthy indoor environment. Groundwater, rainwater, or plumbing leaks can all pose significant risks of water damage to basements. Without adequate waterproofing, moisture can seep through walls and floors, causing structural weakening, deterioration of building materials, and damage to your belongings.

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Water and mould

Moisture penetration into basements creates an ideal environment for mould and mildew growth. Mould not only damages building materials but also poses health risks to home occupants, especially those with respiratory conditions or allergies. Basement tanking helps to create a healthy, dry, and moisture-free environment, reducing the likelihood of mildew formation and creating good indoor air quality. Visit checkatrade for a guide on how much tanking costs.

Water infiltration can also compromise the structural integrity of basements and cellars over time. It can lead to erosion of concrete, corrosion of any steel reinforcements, and degradation of general building materials. Basement tanking helps to maintain the structural stability of basements by preventing water-related damage and deterioration. This ensures the integrity and safety of the building for years to come.

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In conclusion, basement tanking is a great choice for protecting underground structures from water damage, mould growth, and structural deterioration.

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