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What is huge data and why does it involve IoT, IA and blockchain?

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What is huge data ? This new term that begins to be heard in the business world confers a new dimension to big data . Companies have been extracting this precious asset from the digital mine for years, collecting, organizing and structuring data. Now comes the moment of truth: get the data all the performance it promises.

The huge data will change the landscape with the help of artificial intelligence, due to the huge volumes of information that come into play. The need for greater approximation, more precision in segmentation . And obtaining more conclusive results means that data systems must work with huge amounts of information. Which is why companies adopt a data-oriented corporate culture.

What is huge data?

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It is estimated that 2.5 Quintilian bytes of data are generated per year, a disproportionate amount that. In addition, increases exponentially and at an unstoppable rate. Apart from the infinite opportunities that this entails for the knowledge and interpretation of reality. The truth is that it generates a series of challenges that forces companies. And institutions to find new ways of handling this enormous amount of data or huge data.

The huge data makes organizations should focus not so much on the collection. But on the treatment of the data itself. On its use, with the ultimate goal of offering its customers better products, services and experiences. The old systems to process big data have become obsolete : they are very expensive in terms of time and speed. And a new framework is needed in which the analysis of large-scale data is much more efficient.

Huge data , therefore, refers to the enormity of data today and the need to explore new technologies and strengthen new models. All from a corporate culture on board data driven. The huge data is the most important asset towards the digital transformation.

Huge data, only possible with artificial intelligence

Almost all of the leading companies are already immersed in big data projects of diverse size and nature. However, the jump to huge data will not be possible without the help of artificial intelligence: machine learning. And deep learning are technologies that will have a great impact on how data is collected. And processed on such a large scale, with the object to extract all its value. To understand what huge data is in its just dimension. We will say that it requires the development of predictive algorithms capable of converting such volume of information into useful.

Artificial intelligence is helping to reactivate some big data projects that had suffered some deceleration by not obtaining measurable results. With the consolidation of the Internet of things, the amount of data that will be generated will be unattainable by current technologies. Think of the large volume of Internet-connected devices, which is increasing. Only an autonomous car is capable of general the same data as 3,000 Internet users in a day, to get an idea. Not to mention the time when houses are dominated by the IoT.

Block chain and big data to strengthen industry 4.0

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It is expected that the high volume of data will go through the integration of big data with block chain technology. Thanks to the fact that it generates an encrypted and immutable computer file. In this scenario. The machines are interconnected and the information is transparent. And block chain companies can be much more competitive.

If we talk about sectors, between the two most benefited is already indicated to the health and financial. Let us think about the very important repercussion for research in the field of health being able to draw conclusions derived from quality data. The precision of the analyzes of the large volume of information collected will make it possible to find answers to medical questions that are nowadays a mystery. Moreover, I would dare to assure that when the health sector understands what huge data is in all its dimensions, many diseases that are incurable today will disappear.

In terms of finance, we can say that it is the natural habitat of the block chain. The main global financial entities are already immersed in projects that start from the development of the block chain. Knowing the benefits of this technology. One piece of information: the predictions suggest that the data that form block chain will be worth billions of dollars. When the technology is integrated into the financial service.

Rationalization marketing in the era of huge data

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Another industry that will benefit greatly when bathing in this ocean of huge data is that of digital advertising and marketing. The data is the minimum unit for the proper functioning of digital campaigns. Increasingly, advertising technologies are based on the information they obtain from users with the aim of creating an increasingly personalized message. Data is basic in programmatic, in channelize strategies, in social ads, context marketing, localized advertising. This will change when technology, the market and professionals are prepared to face a new era: that of huge data .

Having user data is to know the consumer and, therefore, know at all times what you need. It is more: the data knows what the user wants before, even, that he is aware of it. When we are able to tame the beast of big data. The ads will no longer be promotional messages, but will provide solutions to people’s real problems. This type of directed, hyper-segmented and highly personalized advertising can not help but increase conversions and optimize investments. The marketing of rationalization will reach extreme individualists when the sector is ready to understand the full extent of what is huge data .

Conclusion: digital native CIES have the power to win

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In short, to be closer to knowing what is  huge data we have to think about what companies that are already placing at the head of their competitors have in common. They have reoriented the model, reorganizing their business architecture. And betting on intelligence artificial and by new professional profiles aimed at the development of algorithms.

Start-ups and digital native companies lead the race. Because in this new scenario the biggest and most powerful one does not win. But rather the one that with greater speed and agility is capable of adapting to change. In this sense. Young companies with a digital heart have an advantage over large dinosaur companies. Also because it is easier to start from scratch than to reorganize fossilized culture, structure and business mentalities.

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