Toki: The remake of classic arcade promises to be one of the best games of Nintendo Switch

The new version of this mythical title “TOKI” is of the games that will arrive soon that more years have been developing, because in reality the project was announced almost ten years ago and at that time the intention was to be published on Steam. However, the game has gone through its pluses and minuses until now that it will come back to life in very little time for Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo hybrid console will be the only platform that can boast of having this game about which we are going to tell you why it is one of the best you will receive this year and also since it was launched.

Monster Hunter World

Review Of Monster Hunter World

Capcom has achieved two achievements of a single and successful twiddle with its Monster Hunter World. On the one hand it has blessed this generation with a new installment of its famous series and on the other it has been able to satisfy both veteran hunters and curious people eager for new adventures.

I must say that this has been my first hunt with the series and therefore more than one could probably question my words. However taking into account that one of the main objectives of this release has been to attract new followers, this review may have more value than it may seem a priori, since it is done from the pure perspective of someone who has never touched before a title of the franchise. For this reason, this analysis is mainly aimed at those who are still undecided, those who have never had contact with this Japanese phenomenon.