Three of the most exciting digital signage trends of 2018

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Digital signs are the screens that businesses use to project adverts and messages. They are an excellent way to boost sales and customer engagement.

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What does the future hold for digital signs? It seems that more and more businesses are considering the user experience, which has resulted in a few new trends. Here we look at three of the most exciting digital sign trends of 2018.

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Creating an interactive, personal screen

One of the biggest digital sign trends is creating more interactive signs, such as touchscreen signs that enable customers to look at different options and pages. This is because customers are more likely to interact with something if they think it will benefit them. If you are creating new signs, it could be worth providing a touchscreen that enables people to check out extra information or advice.

It is possible to do this yourself if you are projecting a website onto the screen; however, in general, it is a better idea to hire a digital signage expert such as to do the job for you. This is because the professionals will have lots of experience of projecting web pages onto screens, so there will be no glitches or problems. They will also be likely to provide a more modern screen.

Current information

Many digital signs are now starting to show useful current information, such as the temperature or the weather forecast. Once again, providing useful information means that more people are likely to interact with the screen; in turn, this means they are more likely to read other information on the screen, thereby engaging more with your business.

If you are creating a digital sign for your business and you are not sure what information to include, consider including useful daily updates about your business, such as current sales that customers can take advantage of and new peoducts.

A slim screen

The third digital screen trend that has emerged this year is the slim screen. This is because slim screens tend to blend into the environment better, meaning they are less clunky and more visually appealing for customers. It also means that your advertising efforts are not as obvious to the customer, making them more likely to be open-minded about the information on the sign.

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