What is service branding?

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In many respects those companies that produce a product to sell and market have it pretty easy in terms of branding. They are the product and the product is them so to speak and a physical entity or tangible object is much easier to focus on. The service is a different beast altogether. It is harder to quantify. It’s not something that you can hold or feel, you only see improved results and even then not straight away.

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It requires a bit more thought and creativity but the assistance of a Brand Strategy Agency like https://www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/specialist-services/brand-strategy-agency/ can be of real service and help to you getting that just right.

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In its most basic terms service branding can still offer a physical product as an extra. This would be free biscuits and coffee at the reception desk in a hotel. If it’s a financial service then a small rebate might be appropriate. They can also take the form of hitting specific wants and asks by the customer as a measure of success in the service that is provided.

Research, and common sense, shows that when using or purchasing a service a quick or easy service is what is needed. The other most important part is that consistency is also a vital component. This needs to be replicated so that there is no drop in service. This builds something that service brands need over everything else. It needs to build trust. Without trust that branding can fall apart very quickly and this will result in the loss of business far too fast for the company to recover from it.

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