How to Use Twitter to Get a Job

How to Use Twitter to Get a Job? Favorable Tips for Beginners

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While LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence, Twitter has long since begun to attract attention in different sectors and gain followers as a platform for job search. Therefore, this social network is becoming a fundamental tool to get a job, so to miss it can be a real mistake! But how to use Twitter to get a job? Let’s start.

How to use Twitter to get a job

How to use twitter to get a job

First, to get rid of those contacts who only share photos of what they are eating or links to the music they are listening to, it is a priority to have a purpose when using Twitter. If you have multiple twitter account, follow the tricks to manage with a single click. After all, only you control who you decide to follow and who does not. So, the key is to make your Twitter account relevant to employment, choosing to follow those people linked to your professional sector or to the organizations/companies in which you would like to employ.

Tips for using Twitter as a tool to find a job

On Twitter, we do not have to worry too much about the number of followers or people we follow. The key is to use the account wisely, not in the numbers. The fundamental thing is to interact with the relevant people. This is what needs to be done:

  1. Identify the relevant keywords for our line of work.
  2. Use Klout and WeFollow to determine who is influential in our key areas of job search.
  3. Using Hootsuite or TweetDeck create Twitter threads to follow the keywords (one thread per keyword/phrase) and another thread to track the influential people we have found (with scores of 40 or more).
  4. Now comes the hard part; participate in the relevant conversations.
  5. It is much easier to get noticed by an influential tweeter by answering your questions or by participating in a chat that is already in progress, than by sending them a blind mention.
  6. Similarly, it is much easier to ask someone to retweet one of our tweets or to help us, if we have already retweeted some of their tweets or interacted with them in some way. It’s amazing how kind people can be on Twitter once we’re ‘friends’ of theirs.
  7. You can also direct a tweet directly to entrepreneurs. We can comment on one of your campaigns or ask a pertinent question. However, we must be careful with this and be aware that once we have called attention to our Twitter thread, we will have to take extra care with what we tweet.

First of all, it is important to remember that the best way to use Twitter is little and often, regardless of whether you are currently looking for work or preparing work contacts for the future. You may like also: Twitter advanced search

How to use twitter to get a job

Who to follow?

Start by following the organizations or companies of your interest, professionals in your sector and HR managers of the companies in which you would like to work. Remember that you can also follow groups and media linked to your professional area, this is ideal to be updated and to respond to the demands of your sector.

What Hashtag to use?

Hashtag # is the instrument that Twitter uses to archive and organize information. You can use as many Hashtag as you wish, but it is important to know how to use them correctly to find the information we are looking for. For example, #jobs #hiring will result in many general job offers. Add a Hashtag with the name of your city or province to find the nearest offers. Remember that the more specific you manage to be, the quicker you will approach the offers that best fit your profile.


Share and participate!

Posting on your professional area and the current affairs of the sector will add seriousness to your profile. In this way, you will be able to attract more quickly the attention of recruiters and companies in your industry. But also, chats regularly scheduled on Twitter are organized by companies from different sectors, through which you can interact with others and discuss topics related to your professional sector. You will also find more general chats, in which different strategies are offered to get employment through this excellent social network. Do not miss those good opportunities to let you know.

As in any social network, your profile picture and your name are the most important identification elements. When you want to provide a professional image, take good care of these details. On the internet, you will find many more tips to take advantage of Twitter and speed up the path to your new job.

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