games like stardew valley

Best Free and Paid Games Like Stardew Valley

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If you liked “Stardew Valley,” you may be interested in the video games like stardew valley that you will find below, because their genre or theme is the same style.

Games like stardew valley


Northgard is a pleasant surprise in the strategy genre. It is a friendly, simple game that invites anyone to enjoy their Viking action; but with the passing of the hours, and the practice, you will discover.

Also for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Developer: Shiro games
Editor: Shiro games
Gender: Strategy, Management and themes, Real-time ( Vikings and Fantasy )
Players: one
Duration: 15-20 hours

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars offers exactly what it promised. An experience that looks more like a long learning process where we will suffer some dislike for our lack of foresight but which, in general, is pleasurable. Keep reading: MyDownloadtube

Also for PS4, Xbox One, Mac, Linux
Developer: Haemimont Games
Editor: Paradox Interactive
Gender: Strategy, City-builder, Management and themes ( Science fiction and Space )
Players: one
Duration: Incalculable


Frostpunk promised to keep us glued to the screen with a beautiful, addictive city builder, and loaded with tough ethical decisions in a frozen world. The video game has surprised me not by reaching its goals.

Also for PS4, Xbox One
Developer: 11-bit studios
Editor: Deep silver
Gender: Strategy, Management and themes, Real-time ( Science fiction, Apocalyptic and Dystopia )
Players: one
Duration: 30 hours

1800 year

Creating, managing and expanding a great commercial empire across the seas is a fun and exciting experience like few others. Anno 1800 knows how to surprise the amateur growing steadily, offering more and more raw materials.

Developer: Blue Byte
Editor: Ubisoft
Gender: Strategy, Real-time, Management and themes (Historical)
Players: 1-4 (Competitive: Yes, online / Cooperative: Yes, online)
Duration: 20-25 (minimum)

Papers, Please

It may seem very simple, but Papers, Please can give many hours of fun to an approach as strange and routine as controlling a border crossing. His great message is being built on the head of the game.

Also for Vita, Mac, iOS
Developer: 3909
Editor: 3909
Gender: Strategy, Management and themes (Abstract)
Players: one
Duration: 5-12 hours


Harvest Moon, Pokémon, Animal Crossing and wide creativity of their authors are the ingredients to create Ooblets. It is a video game of Management and simulation of a farm (cultivation and harvest of plants) to be able to have the products.

Also for Xbox One
Developer: Glumberland
Editor: Double fine
Gender: Role, Turn-based combat, Virtual life ( Fantasy )
Players: one

Doraemon: Story of Seasons

Doraemon: Story of Seasons is a spin-off of the popular children’s manga (a phenomenon in Japan for decades). Here the cosmic cat of the 21st century joins Nobita, Shizuka, Takeshi and Tsuneo to discover life on a farm.

Also for Nintendo Switch
Developer: Brownie brown
Editor: Bandai Namco
Gender: Strategy, Management and themes, Virtual life ( Animals, Fantasy and Farms )
Players: one

Crusader Kings II

We are facing one of the best, if not the best, Paradox strategy games. And this, taking into account the impeccable curriculum of the study, should be enough to get an idea of ​​how complete and realistic.

Also for Mac, Linux
Developer: Paradox Interactive
Editor: Paradox Interactive
Gender: Strategy, Real time, Management and themes (Historical, Medieval and Vikings)
Players: 1-32 (Competitive: 2-32)

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