Helping People with Mental Health in the Workplace

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Mental health conditions are something that many people suffer from and understanding them is an important part of being able to support people around us who might be suffering. Unlike many physical illnesses, mental illness cannot be seen and courses like these mental health training courses are a good way to help educate people around mental health, and how to help people who are struggling with it.

Mental illness accounts for half of workplace illnesses

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In the workplace, there can still be a taboo around talking about mental illness, as people will often feel that they might be judged, or that they might not be considered capable of doing their job properly if they were to let people know that they are having mental health problems.

However, the fact is that many people suffer at one point or another, and in the workplace having someone who is aware of a mental illness is a good way for someone to feel understood and supported. When the employer is aware that someone is having mental health problems, they can then also help them by putting things in place at work in order to help them to manage it and continue to work.

Six steps to returning to work after mental health illness – Kingston University researchers play key role in developing online toolkit for employers - News - Kingston University London

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Work is often a good way for people suffering from poor mental health to have some routine in their lives, and also helps with self image and self worth, so working is certainly something that can help as long as the employer is supportive and understanding.

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