Best free mobile friendly wordpress themes

Best free mobile friendly wordpress themes

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The choice of your best free mobile friendly wordpress themes is one of the most important decisions you will make on your website. Readers and the success of your blog or website will play them to a large extent with the design of your site.

Oscar Wilde said :

“There is no second chance for a first impression”

I could not agree more.

When a new reader is with your blog for the first time, you should strive to get a nice impression, while professional, and make it easy for you to find the content that interests you. In addition, you will give yourself satisfaction and extra motivation on your website.

For both, choosing a good theme that allows you to create an attractive design and style suitable for the contents, will be key.

Best free mobile friendly wordpress themes

Best free mobile friendly wordpress themes

  1. Kalium
  2. X Theme
  3. Jevelin
  4. Shapely
  5. Newspaper X
  6. Portum Vertex
  7. Blaskan
  8. Sparkling
  9. Ascendant
  10. FlatOn

Unlike a few years ago, the truth is that nowadays offers on issues that count with designs very accomplished, despite being free.

Although they do not reach the capacity of personalization of professional payment themes, they already have some capabilities that should be sufficient for the vast majority of beginner bloggers.

When using, you have to be aware that it is a platform that has the advantage of simplicity of start-up and use but has many limitations related to its nature of free cloud service, including the limited number of available topics. Sometimes, we face image uploading error in our blog. In our previous article, we guided how to fix wordpress images not displaying.

Therefore, the best topics you will find basically for, and being able to enjoy them requires creating a professional blog with

And finally, keep in mind that free themes for WordPress can involve risks if they are obtained from sources that are not trusted, sources that are not the official repositories that I have named a little above or known manufacturers of topics.

Special mobile friendly themes

My recommendation is that you never download supposedly free WordPress premium themes from unknown websites, sinister URLs that you find in a forum or unknown websites that you find on Google. If you do, there is a serious risk that you will upload malware to your WordPress installation.


Lovecraft ( and .org)

Lovecraft is a general purpose theme with a very elegant design and quite customizable to be free.

For that reason, it seems to me one of the best options to use them as a theme to start a new blog. Of course, you’re going to have a blog with a good image and that will help you a lot to focus on what matters most at first: generate content.

In addition, it is available on both and .

The Lovecraft theme, available on both and

The characteristics that stand out in this topic are the following:

  • Allows use Logo + header image
  • It is responsive
  • 4 Color schemes, although in practice there are no big differences
  • You have approx. 30 fonts for titles and text of posts and pages
  • 4 Widget zones (sidebar and 3 zones in the footer)

You are ready to configure a static home page by passing the blog to a tab (the scheme we use also in Citizen 2.0)
It has templates to create full-width pages (without sidebar).


GeneratePress (

GeneratePress is another topic that I think of the best options to start.

It is a modern, simple, light, fast and responsive theme (it adapts to mobile devices). Of course, if you know Genesis, one of the professional topics that we recommend, you will be familiar … That is, I think they have been inspired “slightly” in the default aesthetics of Genesis, but that’s not bad for you

Here I leave a short video, but very illustrative of how to customize a site with this theme :

Being a very recent topic, it is already among the most popular of the WordPress repository and that is for something.


Customizr (

It is a fairly simple subject in its possibilities, but, despite this, it already has all the important features and supports customization via CSS directly from its interface, without having to create a separate child theme for it.

Also, it has a complete website for the theme that, among other things, offers a “showcase” of designs based on this theme (an exhibition) with dozens of personalized designs of this theme that have no waste.

Customizr, in short, is an interesting option with a good balance between simplicity and possibilities.

Other free themes

We have several other topics on the radar, such as Attitude, with which we will be completing this page as they are reviewed.

A suggestion: if you want to be notified of updates on this list and other blog content, subscribe to our mailing list below and get a gift book that will be very useful for your website.

Here we will talk about special cases, of topics with a special purpose. For example, blank topics like this one, which is skeletons of “empty” topics to build custom themes from them or the open-source Franck theme that, apart from of being open source, is totally oriented to optimize the speed of the blog.

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