Strategies for Finding the Perfect Candidate to Fuel Your Business Growth

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When running a company, finding the perfect candidate can be a very challenging task. By hiring the right person, they can help to contribute towards the growth of your business. However, if you hire the wrong person, they could have a detrimental effect on your company and could end up costing you a lot of money. To ensure you find the right candidate, it’s important to use specific strategies that go beyond traditional recruitment methods. In this article, we will discuss some of these strategies, to make sure you hire the right candidate every time.

Rather than trying out any candidate with any attribute, you should first start by clearly defining the qualities, skills and experience you require with your candidate. You should create a very detailed job description that outlines the specific requirements for the role you need to fill. This will then help attract candidates that are suited for the role and have the attributes you are looking for.

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When advertising for a new job role, you should not limit your search to just one channel. You should utilise many different sourcing channels, such as job boards, professional networking platforms, social media and industry specific websites and forums. Each one of these channels will bring in different types of candidates, which will broaden your net. By having different people coming from different sources, you will be able to assess which candidate is best suited for your role.

When interviewing candidates, you should ask very thorough questions. Sticking with basic questions about work ethic and punctuality will not tell you very much about how the person will perform in their new role. You will need to ask questions that will assess their skills, experience, and their potential to contribute towards your company’s growth. You should also use situational questions to gauge their problem-solving abilities. Also consider adding multiple interviewers from different departments in your company, as they will all be able to add different perspectives to the interview.

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If you are struggling to find the right candidate on your own, then you can always seek help through a recruitment agency. These agencies are built to offer you candidates that they believe will be perfect for your job role. You can use a procurement recruitment agency such as who will be able to offer you candidates to fill roles within your procurement department.

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