What is Land Remediation and How does it Work?

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Land remediation is something that needs to be done if a site that has previously been used for something that contaminated the land is going to be put to another use. A specialist like this contaminated land remediation company soilfix.co.uk needs to be brought in to deal with it, as it is a job that needs to be done carefully.

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Land can be contaminated in many ways – if it causes harm to plants, animals and humans then it is classed as contaminated. It might be the site of a former factory, or there could have been a former industrial process that was done there that has caused the land to become contaminated. The presence of heavy metals, dangerous toxic chemicals and substances like asbestos will all make the land dangerous and in need of remediation.

There are many ways that land can be made safe again, and it depends on the amount of land, the level of the damage to it and also the size of the area that has been affected. These ways include:

Physically removing contaminants from the land – Machinery will be brought in to remove the contaminated land to take it away to a waste facility that is able to deal with it safely.

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Treating it biologically – Plants and natural organisms can be used in some cases to break down certain toxic substances.

Treating it with chemicals – There are some chemicals that can be used to neutralise the land and make it safe once again.

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