remote control applications

Six best remote control applications for Android

Although it is an implementation that we do not see as much as before, there are many manufacturers that continue to introduce the infrared sensor in their phones. The Xiaomi Mi A2 is an example. The idea of this small component is to be able to control all the appliances of our house from a single device and, although most brands introduce their own applications, it is worth knowing some alternatives.

Android Applications To Improve Your Lifestyle

5 Best Android Applications To Improve Your Lifestyle

One of the things that most people worry about is their lifestyle. Our society forces us to live to the limit, neglecting our body and filling us with high levels of stress, something that has a very negative impact on all aspects of our lives. If you think it is time to stop for a moment to see how you can improve your lifestyle, through the three main elements (body, mind and spirit), do not miss this list with the best applications to improve your lifestyle, with such interesting apps as Google Fit, Fabulous, Meditation Course, Sleep Bot, and Wunderlist.