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Six best remote control applications for Android

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Although it is an implementation that we do not see as much as before, there are many manufacturers that continue to introduce the infrared sensor in their phones. The Xiaomi Mi A2 is an example. The idea of this small component is to be able to control all the appliances of our house from a single device and, although most brands introduce their own applications, it is worth knowing some alternatives.

So, we have browsed Google Play to collect the best remote control applications. All of them are completely free and can be downloaded from the Android application store, so you only need to have a compatible mobile. Having said that, we started.

Mi Remote

remote control applications

The first application that concerns us is Mi Remote, which, indeed, has been developed by Xiaomi. It is compatible with any device and allows controlling the televisions of the main manufacturers, see Samsung, Sony or LG. You can also control the air conditioning, Blu-Ray players or projectors. In short, everything that has an infrared sensor is susceptible to being controlled with Mi Remote.

If your phone does not have an infrared sensor, you can always use it to control the Mi TV, the set-top boxes and any smart TV that supports standard protocols via WiFi. It has more than 10 million downloads, a 4.1 star rating and not a single ad.

Peel Universal Smart TV Remote

remote control applications

Peel is one of the best known, to the point that it is in number 2 of the top of applications for home and home. Like the previous one, it allows to control televisions, streaming devices such as Chromecast or Apple TV, projectors and other devices that can be found in homes.

SURE Universal Remote

remote control applications

SURE has a nice interface and, of course, it is compatible with all the devices you want, from televisions to air conditioners. It also allows streaming content from the mobile to smart TV. It is completely free and, although it has a premium version, it is not necessary for basic use.

Remote control for TV

remote control applications

Although it does not have the most pleasant design, this application accumulates 10 million downloads to its credit and a score higher than the four stars. It is as simple as choosing your model from the list that is available and waiting for the commands to load. One thing to note is that it has feedback by vibration, which will help you to know if you are pressing the key well or not, but you can deactivate it if you do not like it.


remote control applications

Something similar to the previous one happens to IRplus. It does not have the best designed interface but its options are very varied. It has many compatible models and the developer is adding more constantly. In fact, if you do not find yours, it asks you to send the model so that it can be implemented in the database.

AnyMote Universal Remote

remote control applications

Another really popular remote control application on Google Play is AnyMote. It has more than 10 million downloads and a four-star rating based on 48,000 opinions. It is compatible with cameras, DVD players, televisions and any device you have at home. In addition, it allows you to create macros to simplify options and rearrange the buttons.

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