How to use hashtags on Facebook

How to use hashtags on Facebook? Follow the 6 tips

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Talking about social networks without mentioning hashtags seems impossible, right? And is that Twitter revolutionized the way we communicate over the Internet with these hashtags or tags that group thematic content? Using the pad key (#) hashtags allow us to access the information that interests us and better organize the information that may be on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and … Facebook? Yes, yes: also Facebook! Here, we will discover how to use hashtags on Facebook since it is a feature that not everyone uses. It can help you reach your target audience better.

How to use hashtags on Facebook?

But before telling you how to use the hashtags on Facebook correctly, we believe it is essential to understand why its use is recommended and implement it in your communications through that social network. On Twitter or Instagram, this label is handy and helps, a lot, to reach new people interested in what you can offer. But on Facebook too.

The use of # on Facebook is not something so widespread. The reason is that, unlike the other social networks, Facebook does not work as well or have such a noticeable impact. However, it does affect the social network. It is recommended to incorporate it into our Social Media practices. If we learn to use this tool well, we will achieve that our publications reach more people and, therefore, that we have a greater reach.

How to use hashtags on Facebook

The reason is that, as indicated in the same social network:

With the hashtags, the topics, and phrases that you mention in the publications of your biography or your page become clickable links. In this way, users can more easily find books on topics in which they are interested in. To use a hashtag, type # together with a topic or phrase and add it to your post.

Therefore, by becoming clickable links, the # act in the same way as in other networks such as Twitter and, therefore, can make your publications reach more efficiently to users interested in the subject on which you are dealing.

Besides, we must not forget that each time, more people are using the Facebook search engine to find what they are looking for. And this search engine works with hashtags. So, how you see, you can be accommodating.

6 tips for using hashtags on Facebook

For all the above, it is recommended that the brands or companies who want all gar more people on Facebook use hashtags for better communication and greater public without investing more money in Social Media campaigns. But, for this, it is essential to know how to use the hashtags in Facebook correctly and, thus, make the most of this tool.

Below, we will discover some of the best tips that will help you to use these labels optimally. The tips are the following:

Words together: it is obvious, but we want to remember that for a hashtag to work it is essential that everything is written together, without spaces. You can also use numbers but never punctuation marks.

Do not abuse: to be able to promote your Facebook posts better. It is recommended that you use # but, be careful, do not harm them. What you put 2 or 3 with is more than enough for them to find you quickly.

Short and simple: avoid writing too long or concrete hashtags and opt for more straightforward tags that can help you to be more visible among your users. That is, avoid cards #teatrodramaticoenlacalle type and, failing that, choose #teatro or #teatrodecalle.

Own hashtags for your brand: another of the best tips to know how to use hashtags on Facebook is to use them when creating a promotion, event, etc., so you can see the impact your campaign has had on the networks.

Use keywords: the important thing when designing your hashtags strategy is that you are clear that, in the end, it is a new channel to reach other users. Therefore, try to create labels that indicate in general terms what you are talking about or in which sector you move so that it is easier to find you.

Take advantage of the trends: we also recommend that you take advantage of current trends and add to the hashtags that have been created so that your brand can also appear in the search results and people can access your page more easily.

How NOT to use hashtags on Facebook

However, you also have to know what the rules are for NOT using Facebook hashtags since, if we do not use this tool well, the social network can penalize us. Here are some tips for you to be clear about what you should avoid when posting on this social network:

Abuse of hashtags: you should not abuse the use of this tool. You have to use them with consistency and care because, otherwise, they could block you or penalize you for the spammer.

Short words: although it is very fashionable to talk with hashtags, the truth is that it is not a good idea for your company’s strategy because it makes reading and comprehension difficult.

Beware of mass mailings: you should be careful when using hashtags for advertising purposes because Facebook could block your page by a spammer

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