Fashion trends from the 2024 runways

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As the fashion world unveils the trends for 2024, a captivating fusion of nostalgia, sustainability and individuality takes centre stage. With this in mind, here are some exciting trends to look forward to next year.
The 90s

One notable trend dominating the runways is a revival of 90s-inspired fashion. From oversized blazers to neon hues and chunky sneakers, designers have seamlessly blended elements from the past with modern sensibilities. This nod to the 90s exudes a sense of comfort and familiarity while injecting a fresh, contemporary twist.

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Sustainability continues to be a driving force in the fashion industry, with the 2024 runways reflecting a heightened commitment to eco-friendly practices. Designers are increasingly incorporating sustainable materials, from organic cotton to recycled fabrics, into their creations. This shift towards environmentally conscious fashion underscores the industry’s dedication to reducing its ecological footprint.

Knitted pieces

In 2024, the prominence of knitted items stems from their alignment with sustainable fashion, offering a nostalgic touch and personalised authenticity. With this in mind, why not use knitting kits to make your own unique and gorgeous trend-setting outfits?

Gender neutral fashion

Knitting kits are great fun and enable you to make all kinds of clothes, including gender-neutral ones. As the fashion industry embraces inclusivity, gender-neutral fashion takes the spotlight. Breaking free from traditional norms, designers present collections that transcend gender boundaries and provide a platform for diverse and inclusive expressions of style.

Expressive silhouettes

Explore the world of exaggerated shapes and unconventional forms as designers play with proportions on the runway. Billowy sleeves, oversized trousers and dramatic A-line skirts redefine traditional silhouettes, adding a bold and avant-garde dimension to fashion.

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Smart technology

Designers are integrating smart technology into fabrics, creating garments with embedded sensors, LED displays, and responsive materials.

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