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20 reasons to implement digital marketing strategies and advertising

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Digital marketing strategies through Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Email, and other digital channels, are currently the best growth opportunity for companies, since in addition to being free, massive, bidirectional channels, in real time, one hundred percent measurable and environmentally friendly, they can take advantage of as a source of income and business platform to increase sales quickly and securely and economically, allowing you to reach the largest number of people really interested in specific products and services in the shortest possible time, attracting them through more intelligent, punctual and persuasive web structures , connect them, interest them, get them to buy, convert them into repeat buyers and have them recommend, becoming influences of the brand. In this way, the company approaches the achievement of the perfect digital marketing strategies cycle.

20 Advantages and reasons for implementing digital marketing strategies and advertising

implement digital marketing strategies

 #1. Internet knows people like no other means and allows accurate market segmentation according to: habits, tastes, interests, intentions, product preferences, favorite activities, age, sex, geographic location, level of education, languages, etc. What is not possible to achieve with traditional advertising systems.

#2. Unlike traditional advertising, digital advertising is not interruptive, and is contextual because it relates the content of the advertisement with the profiles, interests, social actions and sites visited by the user. Ads may appear at the precise moment when there is a search related to your product or service and when the mind of the consumer is open to receive information, therefore it is advertising that the person sees because he wants to see.

#3. They guarantee saving of resources: Human, energy, time, space and money, since it maximizes the investment, guaranteeing a high yield and profitability, by not requiring a minimum amount to invest, only a small value is paid when an interested person click on the ad

#4. They allow perfectly apply the logical model that underpins the structure of marketing: Acquisition (Getting prospects) Conversion (sell and convert them into customers) Retention (Loyalty and have them recommend) is much more possible, cheap and measurable, making use of strategies appropriate digital marketing.

implement digital marketing strategies and advertising

#5. In digital marketing you can take advantage of video as a powerful persuasion tool, allowing you to generate quality content that provides 24/7 advice to prospects and clients in an unlimited way.

#6. The performance of digital campaigns can be monitored at all times, allowing them to be optimized, make changes to their content, add or modify keywords, budget or pause them.

 #7. The announcements can last in the time, giving the opportunity to continue promoting the products and / or services.

#8. In the case of Google, campaigns are not only disseminated through digital channels, but also in the network of millions of sites associated with Google, which are related to their products and services.

#9. They allow to identify and take advantage of new business opportunities using the internet and its digital channels as a platform.

#10. It is possible to implement strategic plans from social media 2.0 and apply business models in each one to convert the conversations into relationships and these into transactions.

#11. They generate positioning, visibility and brand recall.

#12. They influence the construction of the digital identity of the company.

#13. They facilitate the Development and Implementation of digital marketing strategies to reach the indicated person in the place and time indicated, with the indicated product or service, with a minimum investment or even free.

#14. They allow customers to generate commitment to the brand (engagement) through the creation of relationships based on interaction, natural, organic conversations, and genuine interest first as people, then as customers.

 implement digital marketing strategies and advertising

#15. They allow to generate natural positioning in search engines, through the creation of relevant content, quality and SEO optimization of the Web site and other digital channels.

#16. They allow to stimulate traditional web structures through the implementation of persuasive scenarios focused on closing sales.

#17. They appeal to the principle of social proof, key in the generation of influence, through testimonials or sincere and natural success stories, which allow the validation of the experiences lived with the products or services.

implement digital marketing strategies

#18. They are ecological because they avoid paper, ink, energy, time, transport and allow space savings.

#19. They allow mass communication, in a bidirectional and multidirectional manner, one by one, one by many, many by one, many by many, and not limited to dissemination.

#20. Eliminate barriers, geographic, temporary, cultural, economic, social.

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