4 Careers to Avoid in 2022

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These are the lowest paying, stressful professions requiring substantial education, and in many cases are endangered by advancements in technology. Here are four of them, courtesy of real money online casino.


Aside from writing and presenting the weekly sermon, ministers are considered the final word on morality, and they’re called on constantly to provide counseling on spiritual health, marriage, and religious issues, and to give comfort in times of disaster. All that comes with stress and the expectation of an advanced degree in theology.

To get into the business, you need a bachelor’s or better, and prior experience as well as exceptional interviewing skills. The median salary is $48,364, though mega-church pastors rake in considerably more.


The Internet is killing the printing press. The Great Recession didn’t help. Some magazines and newspapers are surviving online, and the lucky few journalists with jobs make around $38,401 a year. The unlucky ones are being pushed out by bloggers willing to report for the byline and so have found it difficult to secure full-time employment with fair pay. Some are freelancers, who receive few if any benefits. Combine the deadlines with job insecurity, and many say the job is stressful. Add to that the knowledge that still, the gateway is a bachelor’s in journalism or communications, with a master’s preferred.


This one is truly hard to understand, considering the importance of a paramedic’s work. The median pay is $46,303, and that is with the exceptionally long and brutal hours required for the position. Due to the nature of the work, it is exceptionally intense and many paramedics burn out after just a few years on the job. Although the job doesn’t require medical school, advanced certifications in all manner of first-line treatment are expected and are expensive to obtain. This career might not give you enough time to play games at casino francais en ligne fiable.


When you look at the average salary for a teacher, it seems high enough. Teachers make an average of $61,751 a year and while that may seem adequate, it fails to take into account some important points. Teachers are usually offered fairly low benefits and have very early starts, especially those teaching in public schools. It is not unusual for a teacher to start their day at six in the morning and not put their work away until the late hours of the night.

The average salary seems high but that is the yearly salary and does not account for the overtime teachers regularly put in, often amounting to 60 hours a week or more, which drastically reduces their pay when applied on an hourly basis. Most teaching positions require at least a bachelor’s, and it is quite difficult to obtain higher-level positions without a Ph.D.

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