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Images for websites: Useful tips for the web designer

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You are taking your first steps in the web design mode and you are starting to practice. I know, your goal is to make your customers’ websites a work of art: fast platforms, nice to see and with a good user experience. Even the choice of font and color plays a key role, these elements transmit the personality of the web project and become something sacred to focus all your attention on images for websites.

Images for websites: They must be analyzed during the design phase

And the images? In web design they are important, they must be of quality and suitable to convey the right message. You cannot neglect this aspect, relegating it only to the final phase of your work. It would be like wearing an evening dress with sports shoes.

In this article I want to explain why images and web design can form a great synergy and transform the face of a website or blog.

Considering the importance of images for websites and the work necessary to find or make them, remember to always make a backup using a space outside your hosting, for example with a cloud backup system.

The images for websites convey information quickly

Images in web design are indispensable because they transmit information faster than the text. The human brain is faster in scanning visual content.

Photos save time, break down language barriers, excite. So carefully select these elements while creating a website: wide at infographics or charts.

Images for websites


Images and web design convey identity

I immediately go to the point: an image can also be a logo. This solution is for people to navigate and recognize your website right away. So visitors are sure they are in the right place.

Make sure the logo is clearly visible in a specific area of the platform, especially when there are different contents that require a different layout of the site.

Images for websites express meaning

When you are planning to use web space images, check that they are aligned with the text. In other words, the photos must be contextualized, if you are dealing with a site of a restaurant using photos of dishes or the room with tables.

A small detail: In situations like the one I have described, it is better to use images with people. The human element always attracts attention – especially the faces – and transports the visitor into a familiar dimension.

My advice? Do not fall back on photos taken from web libraries: often they are not the ideal solution because they could have a competitor too.

Point to uniqueness and contact a professional photographer when necessary.

Images reach other contents

I’m talking about clickable images to link different sections of the site. This solution can be used as a banner to insert a call to action.

However, do not forget to respect all the criteria to exploit the power of visual in the relationship with the call to action: in these cases it is right to do A / B test to find out what is the best solution.

Images are an SEO element

Optimizing SEO photos is an indispensable step to improve web pages in the eyes of Google. This means greater visibility for the website, which is why even if you are a web designer it is very useful to know the basics of this discipline.

Yes, SEO optimization allows you to make images recognizable to the search engine. What do you have to do to improve the visual content from the point of view of search engine optimization? Meanwhile, enter the ALT attribute to provide a description of the photo.

This practice serves to favor the positioning – as I told you – but it is also useful in case the image is not seen or is visualized by blind people. The ALT in fact, allows the interpretation of the photo by specific browsers for those who have these problems. You should also enter the file name, the title attribute and the caption as useful elements for placement.

If you want to get in thanks to Google, the images help you, seen? But do not forget the dimensions. Images too big slow down the platform, they must be read but without losing the resolution.

At this point I suggest you deepen the importance of creating an accessible website in order to further optimize the information you publish online.

Images for web design: What do you think?

These are just a few steps that explain the accurate use of images in web design. On the other hand, the photos are a universally recognized means of attracting the attention of Internet users and building a relationship of trust with them.

Now I wait for your point of view in the comments. Do you think something is still missing to make the images for websites a winning combination?

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