Top strategies for online brand building

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In the modern world, a strong online presence is vital if any brand wants to make an impact. Taking time to invest in your online appearance is not just about spending money and trying to up sales. It is about creating a reputation that will encourage customers to be loyal to you, regardless of the cost of your product.

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The most important place to start is in researching your target audience. You cannot build a brand until you know who is going to be consuming what you produce and how best to communicate with them. Identifying factors such as age, gender, income, location and marital status can give you better insights. Find some guidance how to identify a target audience here:

Social media integration

Another place where research is important is when deciding how to make the best use of social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram all have different advantages and disadvantages, as well as having a different user base. Regardless of which you choose, the purpose is to converse with the consumer, not just lecture them.

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Mixed media

There are different ways to present your brand online and mixing them is the best way to reach a larger audience. Images and written content need to support each other and present a consistent message, whilst you can reach your audience by targeting specific sites or behaviours. You can also make use of offline partners to support online development, as well as ensuring your new online branding matches your own offline presence. Organisations such as Really Helpful Marketing, a branding agency Gloucestershire based, found here can help with this.


Knowing your target audience and how you are going to communicate with them gives you the opportunity to define your voice as a brand. You want to set a consistent tone that your audience will understand and appreciate. Again, a conversation is more open than a lecture, and you need to be open to the different forms your voice could take.


All of these factors should work together to help you build your overall online reputation. By identifying and communicating with your target audience to best utilise different forms of media, your brand will become a recognisable name with a distinctive style. This, in turn, will encourage consumers to follow and trust your brand.


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