The top five benefits of using digital sign displays

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Catching the eye with dynamic graphics, interactive experiences or high-quality videos, digital signs are an advertising medium that brands are embracing in a big way.

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2018 promises to hold more revolutionary uses of digital signs, as the public has embraced digitisation and wants more. Here are five reasons you will want to go digital with your signage.

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Digital displays are viewed 400 per cent more times than static print advertising displays, with the extra benefit that people recall them much better than any traditional media. Eight out of ten customers will enter a shop or your business space because a sign catches their eye, which gives you increased footfall and new potential customers. Once you have people inside your space, digital displays can help to retain customers by reducing the perceived waiting time and customer complaints.

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Increased revenue

Inside your store, digital displays can provide powerful personalised messages to influence your customers’ purchasing behaviour. Around 80 per cent of brands that use digital signs say they increase sales by up to 33 per cent.

Digital signage from suppliers such as can be adjusted with lightning speed, meaning that you can use this flexible medium to share relevant, current content that adds value to the customer experience

Reduce costs

Using digital technology instead of printed signage and display materials can cut costs because they don’t need to be delivered to store every season or stored. Savings can be reinvested into content and graphics for the digital displays.

Quick roll-out

As soon as content is ready, it can be a matter of making one click to roll-out new messaging and graphics across your footprint. New content can be deployed to technology already installed in your stores in minutes, so messaging can be regularly updated and responsive to the latest trends and your promotional calendar.

Better insights

In addition to gaining insights on how customers perceive your products and services through feedback via digital displays, the data captured by the systems operating your digital screens can be synced with sales systems and data from reports on market trends or your CRM system. This will present a richer picture of spending and sales patterns that you can use to better plan and test new strategies.


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