The top 5 software programs used by financial advisers

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In an ever expanding world of technology, many areas of industry, including the financial sector, are now able to take advantage of some excellent software packages.

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Specialist companies are able to create and develop tailor made platforms, including software for IFAs.

Advances mean that those using such services can:

– compile more accurate and detailed plans for their clients
– have far more enhanced levels and speeds of communication with clients and other professionals.

As well as keeping abreast of financial news, via trusted and reliable sites like FT Adviser, financial advisers also need tools to help them put together financial planning packages for their clients.

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According to a recent survey, these are the top 5 software tools for IFAs:

MoneyGuide Pro – a market share winner, the survey revealed that 36% of advisers rely on the service. Recognised as one of the most comprehensive programs, it promotes a user-friendly platform with over 40 third-party programs available.

eMoney Advisor – An in-depth program, providing real-time data alerts for advisers. The survey lists the highest score in average user ratings, at 8.0%. It is also the top ranked program that would be added to advisers’ current resources.

RightCapital – a more recently developed service, the survey shows that a market share of 9.97% is held. A popular tool with smaller companies, this software is currently making advances with larger and more established firms. It is an ideal platform, providing comprehensive budgeting assistance with features that appeal to many users.

MoneyTree – coming in at number 4 on the survey results, this software holds 7.27% of the market share. It is particularly popular with longer established firms, with over 20 years experience in the industry. It offers great flexibility, being user-friendly and easily integrated with other platforms.

Advicent (NaviPlan) – the survey revealed favourable reviews, with just over a 5% market share. It offers a good variety of products, designed to provide a fully comprehensive package to advisers. This includes cash flow and analysis of retirement plans, assets and debt liabilities.

Another popular provider is Intelliflo. You are able to find further details on the Intelliflo application along with demos at

With comprehensive packages and tailor made features, the software is currently enjoyed by over 2,000 top firms nationwide.


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