Six ways to keep your website ahead of the competition

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The internet is saturated with websites, so if you want yours to get recognised amongst the crowd, you have to proactively enhance its features. Here are six ways to make your site stand out from its rivals.

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1. Get mobile friendly

If you want your website to succeed, it must be responsive and mobile friendly. After all, 70% of traffic now comes from mobile devices. As well as meeting the needs of internet users, having a mobile-friendly site is good for SEO. According to Business2Community websites that are optimised for mobile rank better than those that don’t.

2. Safe and secure

Cybercrime is an increasing problem, so it’s more important than ever that websites are safe and secure from hackers and fraudsters. Those sites that fail to operate from a secure HTTPS server will keep wary visitors away, putting your business in jeopardy. Make your site safe and secure to instil trust and confidence in audiences.

3. Fast loading times

When browsing online, audiences have little patience. If your site doesn’t load in a matter of seconds, they’ll switch off. If you want to stay ahead of the game, ensure your site isn’t sluggish to load. Heavy files, large images and bad design can all drag a site’s load speed down. To optimise the load time of your site, consult with Reading web design experts, such as

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4. Be transparent

Don’t hide behind your website. Even if you might not have a physical presence, give your site a human element to it. Make it easy for visitors to contact you if needed. Provide a number of ways for getting in touch, and make your contact options accessible and easy to find on your site. Increasingly, savvy web owners are incorporating online chat features into their site, for instant messaging.

5. Add reviews

Customer reviews provide trust and confidence, especially in new audiences, so include these on your site. Make yourself available for reviewing on other off-site platforms to increase your brand awareness. Off-site reviews are also considered to be more genuine and balanced than those published on an owner’s site.

6. Stay current

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, it’s vital that you keep abreast of the latest relevant consumer, industry or technology trends, especially with regards to SEO.

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