Is There A Way To Childproof Your Carpet?

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When you bring home a new carpet from the store, you love the way it looks and smells. However, from the minute you set it down in your home, you can bet it’s going to lose its freshness pretty quickly. If you have kids, it’s a safe bet you’re going to end up spending way more time than you’d like using bleach, baking soda, and all types of DIY methods to clean your carpets after your toddler spills food or paint on your brand new purchase. While there might not be a way to avoid accidents, there is a way to make sure your carpet doesn’t end up suffering from the damage by making regular appointments at a carpet cleaning charleston facility. You can also make sure that maintenance and clean-up don’t end up hurting your rug more than helping it in the first place. If you have kids at home, here’s what you need to do to protect your carpet and your sanity. Keep reading how to paint bubbles.

Clean Stains Immediately

The best way to make sure you don’t get stuck with a ruined carpet after your kid had an accident is to tend to the problem right away. You don’t need to stop everything you’re doing at that instant, but the quicker you get to your stain, the better, especially if it’s an acidic or food-related stain. When your toddler is playing on the rug, you could be looking at anything from an acrylic paint stain to a wad of gum stuck on the floor to a melted crayon matting together an entire section of your rug. That’s why you need to be prepared for anything if you don’t want to end up with a stain that never goes away. Once you notice the stain, make sure you have the right cleaner to treat it with and douse it with your cleaning fluid, whether it’s warm water and dish detergent or baking soda and vinegar. Leave it to set, and then soak up the excess moisture with a rag and re-treat if necessary. Keep a handy kit under the sink full of cleaning products that can be used on any stain imaginable. That way, you won’t have to waste valuable time searching for the ammonia when you could be effectively treating your stain.

Use a Protector

One way to make your job way easier is to make sure that stains just don’t happen. Or, if they do, to make sure that cleaning them up is a quick, easy job that doesn’t add any stress to your life. The best way to do this is to invest in a carpet protector. These sometimes come pre-applied from the factory where you got your rug. They will basically act as a blocker to stop liquid from seeping in and allow for easier cleanup after a spill. You’ll be able to remove solid stains easily without worrying about any residue, and you’ll be able to soak up liquid spills with minimal maintenance. If you have multiple children and pets, this is a highly effective way of exercising damage control over your rug. You can’t stop your kids and pets from doing damage to your rug, but you can make sure your rug isn’t as vulnerable to damage by adding a protective seal before your household even gets a chance to set foot on your new carpet.

Designate “Kid-Free” Spaces

Sometimes, adults need a place where they can unwind after a hard day. Though it might seem strange to have certain areas be ‘kid-free’ zones, it can actually do wonders for your peace of mind. If you have a lot of heirloom objects and special vintage pieces that you couldn’t keep around after babyproofing, you can set up a small room in a home office where they can live, along with your new rug. Using disposable or easily-cleaned rugs like puzzle rugs or mats can be a great way to encourage your kids to play in their own rooms. However, if you want to designate larger spaces in your home as ‘adult only’ zones, you can end up saving your rug from a lot of torment in the long run.

Use Play Mats

When your kids are playing, it’s always a wise idea to put a barrier between them and the surface they’re playing on. If you’re having creative playtime with paints, crayons, and markets, using a play mat is perfect for this. Mats can be washable, colorful, and fun for kids to use as a protective surface. You can get as much mess on them as you want without harming your new carpet or creating hard-to-clean stains.

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