If your Taking your campervan or motorhome abroad this is what you need to know

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There are many things to consider when taking your motorhome or campervan abroad. It is advisable to know your route and plan frequent stops to ensure you are well rested. Being familiar with your route isn’t just about the roads but about the laws of the country you are travelling to. Here are some things to be aware of when you are driving abroad. Each country will have its own set of laws regarding what’s acceptable. Make sure you know what your legal position is. Also remember that you can pass through borders quickly, so ensure that you keep up.

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Speed Limits

Different countries have different speed limits. Note them and ensure that you stick to them. Be aware of changes when crossing borders. Most European countries have a limit of 50kmh when driving a 3.5 tonne vehicle, but this can vary. In some countries, you may be prohibited from driving in certain motorway lanes.
Research is essential.


Make sure you have your driving licence with you always when driving abroad. If you are going further than Europe, you may need an international driving permit. Carry your insurance documents with you, and be aware that driving in Europe requires you to have third party insurance. It is recommended that you carry a green card for other countries as proof of insurance. Some countries will also levy an additional tax for driving in Europe. Carry your European Health Insurance Card and a copy of your MoT certificate, as some countries may ask for it.  It might be best to also have your manufacturer’s warranty with you which will give you peace of mind and it will show you where it was made, who by and it might even tell you the tools it was made with, for example Rubber Injection Moulding accessories from sites like www.meadex.co.uk/.

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Essential Equipment

While driving abroad, make sure you have the necessary equipment. Welsh coast campers should ensure that they have their warning triangle with them – two triangles for travelling in Croatia and Spain. Carry a first aid kit with you. Although not a legal requirement in all countries, it’s practical. Carrying a spare bulb kit is also advisable for travelling all around the Welsh coast, as in some countries it’s a legal requirement. For all countries, carrying a nationality sticker is a requirement, so make sure you have one.

For all journeys, it is best to check the laws of each country. It is a legal requirement to carry breathalysers in France, for example, and not in other countries. Check the rules for peace of mind when you travel.


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