How to recover deleted text messages android without pc

How to recover deleted text messages android without pc

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Have you removed important text messages from your cell phone? This is an accident that frequently happens when you try to clean mobile devices. The best of all is that you should not worry since you can take steps and recover all the deleted SMS or recover the deleted messages in Facebook Messenger here.

Samsung devices, Huawei, LG, Sony, ZTE, iPhone, etc. they have an internal memory, which they store in a hidden way or not all the files. Precisely you go to this area of the cell phone to scan it and then recover the deleted messages. It should be noted that this process is carried out by software.

There are many data recovery programs and specially SMS, this is possible because when you delete the text messages are waiting to be overprotected by other files. Therefore, the sooner you act, the more likely there will be.

How to recover deleted text messages android without pc?

How to recover deleted text messages

Recover deleted text messages on an Android device is a simple process, but you must take into consideration specific crucial details. The first thing you should do is download software that allows you to scan the memory of your mobile phone.

Once this is done, you must make sure that the memory of the device is not overwritten so that the USB connection can be generated. Another essential factor is the time because this process must do it immediately to notice that you have removed important SMS from your phone.

To recover deleted SMS on Android phones, it is necessary for the intervention of any program to scan your memory. It should be noted that many programs exist, and of which there are usually free copies that have the same functions of payments.

These programs connect to the cell phone and scan their memory to find the deleted SMS message to recover. They are easy to find on the web, but the most important thing is that you download and install correctly the software you have chosen. Some of them are:

  • Coolmuster Android SMS + Contacts Recovery.
  • Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android.
  • Android Data Recovery.

These programs offer you excellent service when you want to restore the SMS of your mobile device. On the other hand, it is necessary that you know they are free, although they have paid versions that compliment them.

Activate USB debugging mode

To carry out this step, you must connect your device to the computer through the USB input. Go to the settings options, device information and then select the compilation number many times. Only in this way can you enable USB to debug mode.

Once the activation is done, you must follow all the instructions indicated by the program. This will scan all the memory of your Android smartphone to let then you know, and you can choose the file to recover. This step may take a few minutes, but you must have patience.

After having allowed the program access to the device memory, you will have the option to preview all the device data. Note that you will find both those eliminated and those that are still present. In this way, you should look for the messages you want.

Once you have located the SMS you want to recover, proceed to select them and click on the “option. In this part of the process, you must choose through the program if you want to replace the messages on your Android or if you prefer to save them on your computer.

Recover deleted text messages on iPhone

Recover deleted text messages on iPhone

The SMS on iPhone devices are ever deleted, they are hidden. The truth is that retrieving them through this process is complicated and much more when you have very little knowledge about computers.

It is said that the best way to recover deleted text messages on the iPhone is by using the PhoneRescue program for IOS. Which scans the computer’s memory and through a network allows you to preview them and then recover them.

The program known as PhoneRescue for IOS is the best software to recover data on the iPhone. In such a way that the first step to obtaining the SMS that you have deleted again is based on downloading and starting said software on the computer.

After having the program, connect the device using the USB cable and wait for it to be recognized by the computer. Then, click on the option ” Recover from IOS device ” and select ” Next.” The characteristics of the mentioned program are:

Recover deleted and hidden text messages, as well as other types of files. It is even capable of resetting WhatsApp conversations and other networks.

It provides a preview of all the files to recover only the desired ones. You can restore the data on the device or the computer in different formats without deleting settings or other relevant content.

All these features together give you the necessary tool so you can recover those SMS from your iPhone that has been deleted. It is worth mentioning that this program is completely reliable and effective.

Select the SMS you are going to recover

Once the connection of the program with the device is established, the memory scan is given effectively. In such a way that a new window will open on the computer so that you can choose the type of data or the data that you will recover. Is established the memory scan is given effectively. In such a way that a new window will open on the computer so that you can choose the type of data or the data that you will recover.

In this case, you must select the text message box and click on the ” OK”. With this action, you need to wait a few minutes for the memory area containing the recent and deleted SMS to be scanned thoroughly.

The previous action will allow you to visualize every one folder with your text messages. In such a way that you should go looking for the SMS that you want to recover according to the dates and contacts. You also select each text by clicking on the correct box.

After choosing all the messages, you must select the “recover” option, either on the device or on the computer, guided by the shape of the icons presented. Note you can retrieve or download them in various formats and even send them to your mail.

Thanks to advances in computing, recovering deleted SMS is a possible process to carry out. Regardless of whether you have an Android or iPhone device, you can always scan the memory of it using appropriate software and recover not only SMS or the files you want.

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