How to Pump a Bike Tire Follow A to Z Step

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Welcome to our how-to article and this article we have given you an amazing solution to how you can pump your bike tire easily. There is we have tried to give absolute solutions how you can do it by your own hand.

Use Track Pump

Right number one on the trail you’re not really going to be carrying a big track pump like this a track pump essentially is something you put on the floor and you stand on with both feet and you start pumping away but they come in different sizes with toe peg.

They’ve done this massive one here which is basically for seating tubeless wheels so basically you wanted to pop onto that bead and stay there so you can keep that air and that pressure within the tire.

Now, this thing well these come in different sizes you don’t need to have this big boosted chamber here which you pressurize to put a lot of air in up to what goes up to 160 psi or 11 Bar.

Now, these are handy to keep in your vehicle before you go for a ride so give your bike an ABC a one-two-three all-round check over and check your tire pressures and you can have this in the back of the boot of your car so you can stop filling up your tires before you go riding.

Now, the topic does this rad little one here this is a little turbo morph this thing is a track pump.

It’s a bit like this but it’s way smaller it’s digital this you can get a little thing that actually clips to your frame.

So, where your bottle cage goes you can actually clip it to the frame, and uh you’ve basically got a small

little track pump to pump up your tires on the trail.

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Hand Pump

Now when it comes to out on the trail there’s a few ways you can pump up your tire.

So, moving on to number two is what I would like to say is probably the most common way of putting air in your tire.

It’s a hand pump using your hands to pump up your tires now the hand pump over the track pump is a big volume pump that would be getting your tires pumped up really quick.

When it comes to a racing situation you can put it in your backpack you can put it on your body you can put it in a bun bag or you can mount it to your frame.

You can get different kinds of pumps with a little bit of a tube coming out so you can go straight into the valve and you can hold it and pump it up you get some with gauges digital gauges mechanical gauges.

I have a toe peek one and this one’s got a mechanical gauge it’s a little dial to say how much pressure I’ve got in my tire.

Now it’s super nifty you’ve got your hand pump and you basically you just pump away and you’ve got two different ways of putting it in again.

This once again comes with Schrader or Presta valve what you’re going to do is take this off turn these things around and you’ve got yourself a press-to-valve situation going on you can pump up your tires.

Now, this next one is going to be my favorite because it’s the easiest one it’s the quickest one but this is co2 cartridge now you’re probably wondering what the hell is a cr2 cartridge it’s this clever little cylinder that’s pressurized for filling tires up really quickly.

Now this one’s got a rubber sleeve over it because when the pressure comes out when the air is released into your tire these things freeze up.

They come in two different sizes now for us mountain bikers we have big volume tires.


So, there you go a few ways on how to inflate or pump your tires. Hopefully, this article has helped you out. if you haven’t understood how to inflate your tires before hopefully, this article has definitely helped you.

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