How to Market to College Students Online

How to Market to College Students Online

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Why is it important for entrepreneurs and businesses to market to college students? Because they are the future generations that will have the purchasing power of the consumer market. If your brand can become a part of their life now, it’s very likely they will stay with you for a lifetime. Of course, this depends on the services and products you offer. Marketing to college students means getting on the Internet. This is where most people between 18 and 30 are spending many hours per day.

You can learn a lot about online marketing by going to schools like USC Online and Texas Tech University. Getting a marketing degree can help improve your skill set and ensure you use all the right methods to market your brand online.

Here are some tips to help you along.

Use Mobile Marketing

You know most college students are online, so it makes sense to reach out to them here. But what’s more important is ensuring that your content and ads can be seen using the mobile devices they’re consistently using. What this means is that you need to use methods that enable your stuff to be seen, such as by using responsive designs. Your website should have a responsive design, so that people can view it using any device, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop.

Be Clear and Concise

Don’t use beat-around-the-bush marketing, because this will only cause you to lose their interest. The younger adults have even shorter attention spans, which means you need to get to the point fairly quickly. If freshman are your target audience, then you need to get straight to the point, without sounding tacky. So cut out all the creative flowery stuff and be more clear and concise.

Don’t Try to Be Cool

This will only make you appear to be even more uncool, if not cheesy. Most brands that aren’t cool have a hard time with this, so it’s best to approach this young audience in a different way. Being authentic is more important than anything, because today’s youth are more in tuned with marketing tactics and will tune you out quickly if they feel you’re trying to trick them into liking you.

Don’t Brag Before You Have Proof

You don’t want to launch a product and then immediately start bragging about what it can do. It’s better to test the market, prove it works and that people like it, then start bragging about it. At least in this case, you can share testimonials from satisfied customers. Social proof is a big deal for shoppers today. So if you can get people talking about your brand and products on social media, it can help earn you some new customers.

Get Approval from Mom and Pop

Remember, some college students don’t have the funds to get products and services, so it’s a good idea to market to parents to get their approval. They can then spend the money on your brand to give to their children. What they care about is good prices for a top-tier product or service.

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