Beach Cruiser Bike Easy Fit

How to Adjust Beach Cruiser Bike Easy Fit

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Today we’re going to talk about the four adjustment points that really customize the bike and make it a little bit more comfortable for you. So, let’s start our journey to adjust the cruiser bike.

Seat Adjustment

The seat has two adjustment points and then handlebars have two adjustment points. First of all, do you want to do before you get on the bike is to adjust the seat?

The seat, adjust up and down and then adjust off-kilter forward and back.

So, what you can do is you grab a 14-millimeter wrench can either be a ratchet or a standard box wrench, and you loosen these bolts up under here.

You want to be careful and you have a bolt-on on this side and a bolt-on this size and you really want to try to adjust them evenly. Once you get it loose enough, you’ll be able to take the seat back and forth.

Some people prefer it a little bit up, some people a little bit down. I’m usually pretty much even right in the middle.

So now it’s a big time to adjust your best beach cruiser bikes.

I’m going to go ahead and tighten that up. Now what you want to do for comfort, you usually want to be pretty fully extended on what’s called the downhill. The down pedal is the furthest point down that the pedal can go.

So, when I’m sitting on this guy, I want to be almost fully extended. Just have a little bit of a bend in my leg and this is a little bit too cramped.

So, I’m going to raise the seat a little bit, and I’m going to do that by using a five-millimeter Allen key and there’s just one point in the seatbelt.

You loosen and I’m going to raise it up and just under an inch. Get back on it. Yeah, that’s right. Where I want to be tippy-toe here.

Almost fully accepted here and I have both feet off. I’m pretty tippy toes, but I can always lean to the side and so now let’s come over to the handlebars here we have the stem and the hand.

Stem Adjustment

The stem is where all your adjustment points off your first adjustment point is where the stem actually goes into the frame of the bicycle.

You loosen that up with a six-millimeter Allen key here, that guy loosens up, and then you really have about three inches of play. There are some lines on the stem that indicate where you shouldn’t go past.

I usually put it about a half-inch below those lines. That’s where it’s comfortable for me. And maybe comfort.

A little bit different for you, depending on your height. I’m about five-seven. Then you have the angle of the handlebars.

Can you sit up here and just really whatever way you, like, whatever way you feel most comfortable handling the bike.

I usually to get these guys up right about like that, where my handles, you write like this in front of me. I feel I have the best control whenever and again.

It’s going to be different for different people. So now. Twenty-six and sharpen, man’s ready to ride.

Pedal Adjustment

There are barefoot pedals and we’re going to go ahead and swap them out and I’m going to show you how to do that.

First of all, there are two types of pedals out there. Nine sixteenths and half-inch are what 99% of our bicycles use.

The very rare exception will nine-sixteenths need to be put on a bicycle. If you have questions, give us a call. We’ll explain to you how to tell the difference.

So, one thing about pedals is they don’t always threaten you and lefty loose righty. Tidy is the common way to do it in the world of pedals and It’s different.

What I always say is it pedals thread forward. So, when you’re putting the pedal on, you’re threading the pedal this way and when you’re taking it off, you’re threading it back.

So, what I’m using is a pedal orange and we have one here in the shot. If you don’t have a pedal wrench, you can use a 15-millimeter open-ended box.

Wretched has to be open-ended and so I’m going to grab this. I’m gonna pull backward to take it off. Once I get it loose, I usually get in there with my hand taking off.

One thing you’ll notice with the pedals. If you’re just putting a brand-new bike in the box together is at the end of the pedal that threads into the crank are greased.

That’s really important if you’re buying aftermarket pedals from us, go ahead and grease them up a little bit.

If you don’t have regular grease, you can use WD 40, but certainly, try to put something and so the pedals are threaded and left look at the pedal.

If there’s, a sticker on it already, it’ll say right flat stamped into the end here.

This is my right pedal and put it in here and I am going to thread it forward. Like I said, anytime you put pedals in, you’re going to thread them forward.

Once I’ve gone as far as I can with my fingers. We’ll get in here with my pedal wrench and tighten it down. It is very important to tighten down the pedals as much as you can.

You do not want to be riding and have the pedals come off. So, it really cuts down on there and also, I have my barefoot pedals on and I’m ready to ride.


Adjusting a beach cruiser bike is not so hard task but you need to concentrate to do it perfectly. Follow our guideline to make the thing easy.

If you want to know more you can visit OutdoorXsports to get more biking tips and tricks.

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