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creativity is not only means design but also functional experience

It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. 

What we love to Do?


We need to understand our clients’ goals and what value we need to deliver to users. We make sure that we understand each project by talking with our clients, researching the competition, and studying the best design practices.


Information architecture

We make complex projects simple by smartly structuring information and defining ways how we can communicate product ideas to users.


How it works

We create a detailed description of each user role, taking into account how your product is used, the demographics of users, and cultural particularities. Then we develop user flows that describe users’ goals and priorities and ways to achieve them.

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A Brief Guide to Buying a First Home

Buying a first home is a really exciting time of your life and is a big step! For many people though it can seem a little complicated and confusing, so these are some of the key things to remember when buying your first property…

Android charger : 5 tips to recharge a android faster

Recharge a smartphone faster your smartphone has a low battery and you have little time to recharge it? So here are a series of tips to follow to recharge a smartphone faster.



It may be taken for granted, but the best way to recharge a smartphone faster is to turn it off. In this way the phone will not have to do is “think” about recharging. If you do not want or cannot turn off your smartphone, you could then disable all those features that excessively consume the battery, such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, data connectivity (3G / 4G), and vibration. Also remember that you could also use both the airplane mode, which at one time turns off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and cellular / data connectivity. And, if you really can’t help but use your smartphone all the time, lower the brightness of the screen to the minimum possible.


All existing smartphones are normally sold with an original charger together with an appropriate USB cable. However, nothing prevents you from using a more powerful charger to reduce the charging times of your phone. Considering that now all chargers are USB and therefore always supply the same voltage of 5  volts  (symbol  V ), the only thing to pay attention to is therefore the output current expressed in amperes  (symbol A). So, if the original charger delivers 1A and your phone is able to take advantage of a higher amperage. Then just buy another 2A USB charger to speed up charging. Remember, however, that the USB cable also plays its role in charging times, as an inappropriate USB cable could limit the current between, for example, 1A to 1.5A, making it unnecessary to purchase a longer charger. powerful.


All modern smartphones allow being connected to the computer through one of the various USB ports that are present on the PC. However, charging the smartphone through a USB port on your computer is not the best solution. As the charging will take place more slowly than usual. This is because the computer’s USB 1.0 and 2.0 ports are capable of delivering a current of, at most, 0.5 A, which is half or less than the current delivered by the original charger. If the computer had USB 3.0 ports, this value would rise to 0.9 A. But it is still a lower value than the amount of current supplied by the original charger. The only exception is the USB 3.1 ports, also called USB 3.1 Gen 2 or  SuperSpeed ​​+, which, with the help of a Type-C connector, are able to supply a current of up to 5 A.


Normally it is not necessary to remove the case or cover when charging a smartphone, but if you want to speed up its charging times, sometimes you had better do it. In fact, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in smartphones follow a simple principle: a cooler battery is a better battery. Therefore, removing cases and covers will help keep the battery at room temperature or, better still, at a lower temperature. To recharge the phone it would also be advisable to look for a cool place, avoiding exposure to the sun’s rays as much as possible. Of course, if the average room temperature is already below 30 ° C it will not be necessary to follow these precautions.

USE FAST CHARGINGAndroid charger

If you have the latest-generation smartphone with a system on a chip Snapdragon most likely you can use a feature called Quick Charge, or fast recharge. This technology, produced by Qualcomm, allows you to significantly reduce charging times by allowing, for example, a 50% charge in just thirty minutes. To take full advantage of this feature, in addition to the compatibility of your device with this technology. It is also necessary to use an appropriate charger, just like this one for example.


Of course, you don’t always have the possibility to recharge your smartphone’s battery. So it would be better to have a portable charger, also called a  power bank, a solar-powered charger, or, if you use the machine often, a battery charger at hand. car. In any case, remember that all these tips allow you to recharge your phone’s battery faster when you don’t have much time to recharge it, however it is not advisable to follow them every day. In fact, slow and constant charging is much better to make your phone’s battery last longer, thus avoiding stressing it as little as possible.

Tips for Choosing the Photographer

When asking for advice from friends, acquaintances, and people more or less competent in wedding photography, the answers are not always what you expected. Instead, choosing a wedding photographer is really very simple, if you choose the best, not only the one you like best but a professional who takes exciting photos and not an amateur of course! You can choose from the Website for photographers.

How to become a professional architect

Being an architect is an ancient profession such as hunting, fishing, farming and exploring. At a certain point, man, dissatisfied with the shelters offered by nature, became an architect.

How to Choose a Web Designer

Choosing a web designer is just like picking the perfect car. You need to do your research, find out your exact needs, and be sure to get a business that meets those needs. To choose wisely, you really need to understand what you want, and not try to guess what your needs are or just settle for less than you really want. You should always be critical of the web design companies that you are considering, as it is important to get something that is going to be a good match both aesthetically and functionally for your site.

How to charge your phone without a charger

It is not always possible to charge our faithful Android smartphone or iPhone with the original charger, since when we are traveling, in a meeting, or out and about, it is not possible to immediately find a power outlet to connect it to recover the charge lost up to that moment. . In these scenarios we can still keep the phone under charge using one of the alternative charging methods, so as not to arrive at the end of the day with the device completely discharged despite having the charger at hand.

Could These Video Game Trends Define the Future of the Industry?

In a world where technological advancements mean that new trends hit the industry regularly, it’s tempting to assume most will be fads and won’t be around for very long. This is often the case because the needs and wants of gaming consumers force manufacturers and developers to create new and exciting features to enhance the playing experience.

Laptop suddenly shuts off: the solutions

It can happen that our laptop suddenly shuts off while we are working or playing, causing not only the loss of unsaved documents or potential game sessions but in the worst cases also the breakage of important hardware components such as the HDD.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC

Wireless headphones are headphones that synchronize with a computer via a Bluetooth connection. They allow the computer user to get rid of the wires that hold him in the system unit and limit mobility. How to set up and connect Bluetooth headphones to a desktop computer using a wireless connection? Very simple!

What are the thermal spraying techniques?

Thermal plasma spraying is a popular technique for applying coatings to a variety of materials but there is more than one thermal coating method. Each is ideal in different circumstances, on different materials with different surface and finishing requirements.

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Even within a single technique there are many parameters that can be adjusted to produce different characteristics; porosity, thickness, bond strength, uniformity and so on. As a result, while modern surface treatments radically extend the possibilities for designers and manufacturers, many of them still need specialist assistance to arrive at the best solution.

Here is an outline of several of the most common methods for applying a spray coating.

Spray and fuse

The coating material is sprayed on first and then melted (‘welded’) into the surface with an acetylene torch. The process can even be automated (see

Flame spraying

The coating material may begin as a rod, wire or powder but then is softened by a flame and blown onto the surface through a narrow nozzle. This is a relatively cheap method but does not produce the best results.

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Detonation spraying

Rather like an internal combustion engine, successive spark-induced detonations of oxygen and fuel, often acetylene, propel particles through the application tube. Very high temperatures allow the spraying of materials that don’t readily liquefy (for example many oxides or molybdenum).

HVOF (high velocity oxy-fuel) spraying

This has similarities to detonation spraying but the gases combust rather than explode and application is more continuous. Coatings can be thick with high bond strength and low porosity. ‘Warm spraying’ is a modification which introduces nitrogen to lower the combustion temperature. HVAF (high velocity air fuel) is another modification of the technique that uses propane and air, resulting in a uniform ductile coating that avoids damage to the target surface.

Wire arc spraying

Two wires are fed into a spray gun and vaporised by a high voltage arc between them that consumes (vaporises) them in the process. This method is often useful for depositing heavy metallic coatings.

Thermal plasma spray processes

There are several variations of the thermal plasma spray process and some of the above techniques are often included under the term. The deposition material, usually in powder or wire form, is fed into the stream of a plasma torch. The stream of minute droplets of molten material is flattened on impact with the substrate and ‘welds’ into it forming a very strong bond with uniform deposition. The resulting layer has a densely packed structure.

Although plasma torches often reach temperatures of 10,000°C very little reaches the target allowing even flammable materials to be safely coated, (for more details of the process see

Numerous details can be varied to engineer the surface qualities, including the gas mix, feed rate, flow rate, surface preparation (often by shot-blasting), environmental factors such as temperature and pressure, and of course the feedstock formulation. Some of the specialist materials available include molybdenum alumina, yttria-stabilised zirconia, chrome oxide, tungsten carbide, and even ceramic-metallic blends and alumina-polyester.