Is Greece a good place to retire to?

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Greece offers a great Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot, dry summers. The country is well known for its stunning landscapes, picturesque islands, and historical sites, which can be appealing for retirees seeking a new life.

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What is the cost of living like?

The cost of living in Greece can vary depending on the region. Compared to some Western European countries, Greece has a lower cost of living. However, it’s important to look into the cost of healthcare, housing, and your daily expenses.

You can enjoy a rich cultural experience

Greece has a rich cultural heritage with a history that spans thousands of years. Retirees interested in history, arts, and ancient civilisations may find Greece captivating.

One motive for people making the move to Greece is the lifestyle and healthy food. National Geographic points out that the Mediterranean diet has stood the test of time.

What is the Greek Golden Visa?

The Greek Golden Visa allows residents to travel freely within the Schengen Area without the need for additional visas. Investors can qualify for the Golden Visa by making a property investment in Greece with a minimum value of 250,000.

For more information on the Golden Visa Greece scheme, you can seek legal help from experts such as With insight and guidance, you can create a new life abroad.

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Should I worry about the language barrier?

While many Greeks speak English, especially in tourist areas, it may be helpful for retirees to learn some Greek to enable them to visit shops and restaurants.

It’s important to spend some time in Greece before deciding to live there for an extended period. This allows you to experience the lifestyle, explore different regions, and assess whether the country fits with your goals.

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