How to Construct a Shed for Extra Storage Space

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If you live in a small home and struggle to store all of your possessions, you may be looking for an alternative method of storage. A cluttered home can be very bad for your mental health so it is important that you find a storage solution as quickly as possible. In this article, we will discuss how a garden shed can resolve all of your storage issues. A shed can also provide a great storage solution for your gardening tools and outdoor furniture during the winter season. Read on in this article, as we will give you a guide so you can construct your own garden shed.

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Before you start building your garden shed, you must first plan out your build and decide how big it is going to be, and where it is going to be situated. You will need to evaluate your garden and decide where the best location for your shed should be. Ensure it is built on a flat surface and is not obstructed by tree roots or other structures. You will then need to decide what you want to build your shed out of, you can choose from wood or metal. If you choose wood, then you will need to contact Portsmouth Timber Merchants to purchase all of your wood. An example of one of these companies is

Once you have gathered your materials and prepared your site, you can then begin construction. You will need to begin with the foundation. You can use concrete piers, a wooden frame, or a concrete slab, depending on your preference. A slab may be the most effective method, however, if you want something that can easily be removed in the future, opt for a wooden frame. You must then contract the frame for your shed out of the timber. Make sure your joins are secure and level.

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Once your frame is finished, you can then move on to your walls and roofing. Try to build a sloped roof to ensure water pours off of it and does not build up on top, as this can lead to leaks. Finally, you will need to install the doors and windows that you decided on during the design phase. For some finishing touches, add some wood stain or outdoor paint to your shed to ensure it will endure the outside conditions better.

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